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Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day (AAPOD2) is a website and social media presence. It was built, coordinated, and edited by Jason Matter and Charles Lillo. The goal of the…



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The “AstroBin Image of the Day ” (IOTD) is a long-running system to promote beautiful, interesting, peculiar or otherwise amazing astrophotography. Its goal is to promote the output of the…

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Terry Hancock’s gallery

For many years, Terry Hancock imaged from his backyard, but upon retirement, he managed the Grand Mesa Observatory in Colorado, where he currently serves as Director. 【"The Golden State" Nebula…

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Jarrett Trezzo’s gallery

Jarrett Trezzo is an amateur astrophotographer based in Florida, USA. He captures the majority of his images from his Bortle 5 backyard with his primary setup, a Celestron RASA 11"…

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Ron Brecher’s gallery

Ron: "I am working to master the art of astrophotography, shooting galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and more. I’ve used just about every digital camera and telescope design. My images are…

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Terry Cheung’s gallery

"My name is Terry, an amateur astrophotographer, from Hong Kong. In 2015, I started my journey of astrophotography.  I can still remember how happy I am when the first time…

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Graeme Coates’ gallery

Graeme Coates has been interested in astronomy for almost 30 years and doing astrophotography on and off for about 25 years, having started and having to deal with the light…

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Chuck Manges’ gallery

Chuck: "I started Astrophotography in 2011. Shortly after starting my adventures, I bought a QHY9M from advice from a friend and fellow astrophotographer. I’ve been using QHY CCD and CMOS…

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Toshiya Arai’s gallery

Toshiya Arai is a Japanese amateur astrophotographer, he has been working on astrophotography of nebulae and galaxies since 2009 and he has never lost interest. 【The Orion's belt】 Imaging telescope…

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QHY600 Linearity Test

  After the launch of the QHY600 refrigerated CMOS with native 16-bit AD conversion, the QHY600 has received wide attention from astrophotography lovers. And the first batch of production products…

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Matt Harbison’s gallery

A life long photographer- Matt Harbison has been photographing space and using QHY cameras for ten years. Having created a full color 200 panel mosaic with a QHY16200, he is…

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Tran Ha’s gallery

 Tran Ha is a great astrophotographer from Vietnam. He has shot many nice images like NGC 7293, the "naked" Andromeda, the Witch's Broom Nebula in bi-color (NGC 6960),  M31,  M42,…

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Space Exploration of Northolt Branch Obs

Northolt Branch Observatories are located in London, England, and have achieved many outstanding results in astronomical observations. At the same time, they are an important user of QHY astronomical cameras.…

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Bogdan Jazyna’s gallery

Bogdan Jarzyna is a Polish astrophotographer, who lives in the city of Cracow in Poland. Over the last 15 years, Bogdan has gained a lot of experience in astrophotography by…

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Christopher Go‘s gallery

Christopher is an amateur astromer who lives in the island of Cebu, Philippines now. On 2015, the International Astronomical Union officially designated Asteroid 2000 EL157 to 30100 Christophergo.  This asteroid…

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Lukasz Scocha’s gallery

Lukasz Socha is an astronomy amateur, who lives in a small city in the southern part of Poland. He has been interested in astronomy ever since he could remember. Lukasz…

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Simon Todd’s gallery

Simon Todd has captured many wonderful works like 【Cocoon Nebula】, 【Cone Nebula - HaRGB - Processed - Signed】,【IC434 - 19x300S RGB - Signed】,【Leo Triplet in LRGB】,【M97/NGC3587 - Owl Nebula in…

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Dr.Qiu’s gallery

Although Mostly Dr.Qiu is using the camera for testing propose. But sometimes there are nice astronomy images that come out. He has captured many works like NGC7000, NGC6995, NGC6946, Meteor,…

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User Manual of Humidity Pressure Sensor Function

See the cloud document here http://note.youdao.com/groupshare/?token=82CF4F23F87E44E2BC35D6167A8F3A55&gid=7195236 Some QHYCCD Camera has humidity sensor , pressure sensor in the cmos/ccd chamber to return the current humidity value and pressure value. This document…

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A Series CCD Cameras

QHY695A QHY90A QHY16200A QHY09000A, "A" Series camera. "A" stands for "ALL-IN-ONE". The camera includes a built-in motor driven filter wheel and natively supports the QHYOAG while consuming a minimum of…

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User Manual of Filter Wheel APIs

See the cloud document of this article at https://note.youdao.com/share/?token=48C579B49B5840609AB9B6D7D375B742&gid=7195236 In this document We suppose the filter position is from 1 to N. For example. the QHYCFW3S-7(1.25inch) filter has 7 posiiton.…

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User Manual of ReadMode API

See this article in cloud document here https://note.youdao.com/share/?token=9991AC90E811437290EB9AD0D2B15912&gid=7195236 In order to multipe readout mode , like the HDR mode, and the hardware Binning Mode. From the Version 2019.2.15 and later,…

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Wu Zhen’s gallery

Wu Zhen has captured many nice images.  The images of Horsehead Nebula, IC 2177/Sh2-292, M31, IC4685, Trifid Nebula, NGC2264 Christmas Tree Cluster below are photographed by him. He used QHY128C,…

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User Manual of Temperature Control API in QHYCCD SDK

See the cloud document of this article on https://note.youdao.com/share/?token=AD62E2033F534E7CB3607CEC405CB3B3&gid=7195236 There is two basic control mode for temperature control. One is the Auto Mode. Another is Manual Mode. Manual Mode Camera…

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The SkyX Software Plug-in of QHYCCD SDK

RPI3 Linux MacOS QHYCCD SDK TheSkyX Plug-in Installation 1、Decompression SDK package(tar zxvf package name). 2、Enter the decompressed directory, install and execute the install.sh command(sudo sh ./install.sh),uninstall and  execute the uninstall.sh command(sudo  sh ./uninstall.sh). 3、Enter the…

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QHY600Pro Scientific Cooled Camera, Sony IMX455 CMOS, Full Format, BSI, 3.76um Pixels, Native 16bit A/D, Mutiple Readout Modes.


QHY600Pro Scientific Cooled Camera, Sony IMX455, Full Format, BSI, 3.76um Pixels, Native 16bit A/D, 60MP, 2GB DDR3 Memory, Mutiple Readout Modes, 2*10g, Support Customization.

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QHY4040/QHY4040PRO is a scientific CMOS camera with GSENSE4040 4K*4K sCMOS sensor. 36.9mm x 36.9mm square sensor in a 4k x 4k array. Dual 12bit-16bit Combination/16.8 Megapixels/9um

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QHY2020 Scientific Cooled Camera, GSENSE2020 back illuminated sCMOS sensor: 13.3mm x 13.3mm, 2K*2K resolution, 4mega pixels. Gsense2020/Dual 12bit/4Megapixels/6.5um


QHY2020 Scientific Cooled Camera, GSENSE2020 back illuminated sCMOS sensor: 13.3mm x 13.3mm, 2K*2K resolution, 4mega pixels. Gsense2020/Dual 12bit/4Megapixels/6.5um

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C# wrapper Under C#, you need to call the QHYCCD API from qhyccd.dll by dynamic api calling, by using the DllImport. The following wrapper code is taken from our C#…

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QHY174GPS IMX174 Scientific Cooling Camera


QHY174GPS Scientific Cooled Camera , 1/1.2-inch SONY IMX174 CMOS sensor with global shutter. 5.86um pixels,high QE of 78%, and low read noise of 3-5e-. The QHY174GPS has a unique built-in…

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The QHY-GPSBOX is a compact camera accessory that provides high-precision GPS hardware time scales allowing some QHYCCD cameras to obtain accurate time information of the camera's exposure time.  In addition,…

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Large Desiccant Tube

The Large Desiccant Tube includes a desiccant container and hoses connected to the camera. If your camera will be left unmaintained for a long time, we recommend the solution of…

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