QFocuser Standard Version USD 199*
QFocuser High Precision Version USD 229*

QFocuser comes in two versions: Standard Version and High Precision Version.

The Standard version is designed to be installed on the side of the standard adjustment axis of the telescope focusing mechanism. This is the same with most focusers available in the market. The High Precision version is installed on the other side — the precise adjustment axis of the telescope focusing mechanism.


  1. Currently the default adapters do not support Celestron Schmidt scopes (like C8, C11, RASA14, etc.). It’s under developing now, please wait with patience.
  2. The Precise version provides 3/4/5mm couplers. So far we have not found a coupler less than 3mm, so please check the diameter of your bearing before purchase.

*Price shall be slightly different among countries and regions; Shipment expenses, customs or other taxes not included.