QHYCCD Help Center(Beta)

Now we’re building our new “QHYCCD Help Center”, which includes whole after-sale services including 3R, maintenance and Q&A. The New Help Center includes the following functions:

Tickets.  Click “Submmit Your Ticket” and decribe the issue you met,  and get our reply ! Also you can get your Ticket Status in “Support History”! 

Repairing Records. If we’re sure that the device needs repairing, then we can start the “Repairing” process. You can fill the form in Ticket and the system will collect information. (This function is under developing now)  

Email Notification. You don’t have to check the Ticket update everyday—they can receive email notifications and know if there’s any update.

Knowledge Base. There some articles about the issues that may happen and how to solve them.

Welcome to this new system and offer your advice. The Here’s the link: 

Since the new web site needs a higher update of php frame which isn’t compatible with our previous stuffs, we have to say sorry that we’re going to close our BBS. However, but you can still take the BBS it as a knowledge base to search for existing answers (but cannot create a new post any more). 

URL of BBS:  http://bbs.qhyccd.com.cn/

Oversea Stock Replacement Application Form

Click and Download PDF File: Repair Replacement application 2022