QHY600PRO Series

The QHY600PRO Series uses the latest SONY back-illuminated sensor, the IMX455, a full-frame (35mm format) sensor with 3.76um pixels and native 16-bit A/D. This sensor is available in monochrome and color versions. Specially designed for scientific applications, including the 2*10Gbps fiber interface, USB3.0 interface, 2GB DDR3 memory, 6PIN GPIO/Trig/GPS connector. Support 4.0FPS 16bit full-frame readout and 10FPS 14bit full-frame readout.

Typical Applications
Sky Survey, Astronomical Photometric, high-resolution LCD/OLED screen inspector/color calibration. All-sky camera. Scientific Measurement, DNA sequencer, Spectrum Instrument.

*Please contact QHYCCD about the price.

*PCIE Card Kit is NOT included in the QHY600Pro product.