QHY268M Pro

QHY268M Pro is a scientific CMOS camera specially designed for scientific using with advanced qualities and functions.With a SONY IMX571 APS-C format CMOS sensor inside. 26mega pixels, Back-illuminated, native 16BIT ADC. QE is up to 91% and readout noise is as low as 1.1e Even with a 3.76um pixel size, it has a big full-well up to 75ke.

It has extremely low thermal noise 0.0005e/pixel/sec @ -20C,  ZERO amplifier-glow performance, It has a maximum frame rate of 6.8FPS@16bit full resolution. QHYCCD IMX571.SONY IMX571/16bit/26Mpixels/BSI/APS-C Format. QHY268PRO has both USB3.0 and 2*10Gbps optical fiber interface. It has a 2GBytes big DDR3 memory buffer. It has the 6pin GPIO port support complex Trig-In and Trig-Out signal. It can connect with QHY GPS-BOX to get the high-precision GPS timestamp onto the image head.

Currently we only have the monochrome QHY268M Pro as standard model. If you have requirement for color version (QHY268C Pro), please contact QHYCCD for customization.