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APS-H Format

Monochrome CCD
16.2 Megapixels

The QHY16200A uses the ONSEMI 16.2MP KAF-16200 CCD. The APS-H format is suitable for most telescopes, including SCT's that cannot fully illuminate a 35mm frame without some vignetting or distortion at the edges. It is also suitable for commonly available 2-inch filters. The larger sensor size provides nearly twice as many pixels as the popular KAF-8300. The QE is similar to or higher than 8300 and the 37ke- full well capacity is almost 50% greater than the 8300's 25.5ke-. yielding a dynamic range about 1.5X greater than the 8300.


The effective image area is 27mm x 21.6mm. Compared to the QHY8L APS-C format of 23.4 x 15.8, the APS-H sensor is significantly larger with over 50% more image area. The reason for desiring an APS-H size mono sensor is that there are no other existing mono sensors in size between the KAF8300 (4/3inch) and the KAI-11002 (35mm format).

"A" Series

OAG Included

The QHY16200A belongs to the QHYCCD "A" Series Camera family. "A" stands for "ALL-IN-ONE". The camera includes a built-in motor driven filter wheel and natively supports the QHYOAG while consuming a minimum of back focus, precious for some optical systems. The filter wheels available for the QHY16200A accept 2" mounted filters, or 50mm unmounted round filters, in 5 or 7 position carousels.

Two Models


The QHY16200A is available in two configurations. The five filter position QHY16200A-CFW5 and the seven filter position QHY16200A-CFW7.

Butterfly Shutter

Long Life
Uniform Illumination

This camera uses a mechanical shutter that has a butterfly shape. The shutter is directly driven by a motor with no other moving parts. The working life is almost unlimited. The shutter has two sides that block light and open spaces in between. The fan shape of the blades create even-illumination when opening, and even-darkness when closing for dark frames. This feature is of great benefit when taking flat frames or making photometric observations.

Dual Stage TEC

The 2-stage TE cooling reduces the temperature of the CCD chip -45 degrees C from ambient, resulting in very low dark current noise and a clean image even in long exposures.

Built-in USB HUB

The QHY16200A has a built-in hub that provides two extra USB host ports and two RS232 ports with 3-pin sockets. These can be used to connect the guide camera, focuser and mount.

External Trigger In/Out

The QHY16200A has an external trigger in/out port for exposure timing or synchronizing the start of exposure.

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