QHY6060 Full Vacuum Version

QHY6060 is a big format scientific CMOS camera with 37.7 Megapixel, 61mm square (89mm diagonal) Gpixel Gsense6060 sensor, 10um pixel size, 14bit ADC, 6K*6K resolution. It has both a back-illuminated version and a front-illuminated version.  The FSI version has 72% peak QE and the BSI version has 95% peak QE. QHY6060 has a 2-stage TEC cooler and it is air-cooling / water cooling compatible.   QHY6060 has USB3.0 high-speed interface.

The BSI QHY6060 also has a soft X-ray response. In order to use it in a full vacuum environment, QHYCCD offer a speciallly customized full vacuum version. Please contact QHYCCD if you need this version.

Please contact QHYCCD for details.