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QHY5L-II User Manual 2016 Edition
2019 年 04 月 11 日
Because of the software/driver version changed a lot from first QHY5L-II come out serval years ago. We write a new version of the user manual to match the lastest driver/software.
This document is an online document. If you want to save it or print it you can download the PDF Version of it.
Software Installation
1. Download the lastest system driver from QHYCCD QHY5L-II web page and install it.
2.You can skip "obtaining driver software from website" and after a while it will show QHY5II installed.
3.You can confirm that the driver is successfully installed in Device Manager.
4.Make sure you have installed ASCOM platform(6.1 or 6.2) Download the ASCOM driver for QHY5L-II and install it.
5.After installed the QHY5L-II ASCOM driver. You can find this driver in ASCOM Camera Choose
6.Install EZPlanetary. EZP software is the default capture software for QHY5L-II. You can download it at the QHY5L-II web page .
When you first run the EZP, you can set the gain and the exposure time to less than 30ms. you may see this screen (if you camera is QHY5L-II-C).
Please check the buttom left of the software. You will see the frame rate. If the frame rate is zero and the image is hang. Please check the topic in FAQ.
Use PHDGuiding with QHY5L-II
QHY5L-II is the most popular autoguiding camera. You can use PHDGuiding with this camera and it is pretty easy to start autoguideing.
1.Run PHD2 Guiding V2.5 and click the camera button
2. You will see the Connect equipment window
In Camera, You can select the
This is the ASCOM for QHY5L-II Camera. Or it can be the
In Mount , you can select the on-camera
If necesseray, you can click
button and set the ASCOM camera parameters. Like the gain etc.
For QHY5L-II. The on-camera guide port only works for 8bit imaging. It can not work with the 12bit imaging. If you want to use 12bit imaging for guiding. You need use another method to connect the mount. like use the Mount's ASCOM pulse guide connection via RS232.
3.Now you can click
button. You will see image here.
4.Select a star in the image. And Click
button . The PHD will start calibration and guiding. Enjoy it!
About the camera selections in PHD
You may find more than one method to connect in PHD. In lastest PHD2. They are all working. But in old version. We recommand to use the CMOS QHY5LII Camera(ASCOM) or QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture(ASCOM). Don't use the QHY5L-II Color and QHY5L-II Mono.These two driver sometimes hang and popup "time out" issue in some computer.
The QHYCCD-Cameras-Capture(ASCOM) is a new ALL-IN-ONE driver for most of the QHYCCD's camera. You can obtain this driver from http://www.qhyccd.com/ASCOM-Camera.html
Use EZPlanetary with QHY5L-II
1.The EZPlanetary is the default capture software for QHY5L-II. After run it,select model from menu->camera and select a resolution, you will see you will see the live video image immediately.
2.You can also see the software version and firmware version of the camera in the EZP title after you select the resolution.
3.If you camera is QHY5L-II-C. The initial color balance is too green.
You can click Global WB to get an auto white balace
If you want to get balance based on a small area. You can use the "Spot WB" After actived it , you can double click a position (the position you think it should be grey/white) in the image and the color balance will recalculate based on this position.
You can also adjust the scrollbar of red/blue to adjust the white balance by manual. Normally green position is fixed because the color blance is the ratio between R:G and B:G. So we fixed the green value.
4. Optimize the maxium frame rate
The QHY5L-II has the maxium frame rate at 30FPS@1280*960. This frame rate is close to the limiatation speed of the USB2.0. Not all computer or chipset can get this rate. If the data traffic exceed the maxium capablity of the computer/chipset. It will cause some data lost. These frames with lost data will be drop by the driver. It it is always lost you will see there is no good frame comes and video looks hang, if part of the frame lost you will see the video streaming is not very smooth and always stuck.
When start the EZP3.86 at first time it will start at low readout speed and USB traffic is zero. If everything is ok. the frame rate is 15FPS@1280*960. If still image is hang. You can try to delete the ezplaneary.ini file in the EZPlanetary folder. And try to start EZP again. In this condition, EZP will start at low readout speed and USB traffic is 30. In this condition, it is 7FPS.
Once the camera running and image does not hang. You can optimal the maxium frame rate. The method is :
4.1 Use 1280*960 resolution,Set exposure time to 30ms
4.2 Make sure the USB traffic is set to max value (50). USB traffic is in Menu->Camera Setup->Camera Advanced Setting
4.3 Set the readout speed to high in Menu->Camera Setup
4.4 If the video is still smooth and no hang. Try to reduce the USB traffic value. You will see the frame rate is increasing
4.5 If the frame rate drop with the USB traffic value decreased. It shows the USB bandwidth is get the max capability of the computer/chipset. You need increase the USB traffic value a little and keep it.
Please note not all computer/chipset and not all CPU condition you can set the USB bandwidth to zero and get 30FPS. Sometimes you can set zero and frame rate is 30frames but you may found sometimes the video streaming is hang. Espcially there is a big white area existing in image. You can increase the USB bandwidth in this condition.
Besides the USB traffic. There is some other thing may cause the camera hang etc. Please check the FAQ in this user manual.
User SharpCAP with QHY5L-II
SharpCAP support QHY5L-II directly via QHYCCD's SDK. You can download and install the lastest SharpCAP software from website
1.Run SharpCAP. Select QHY5L-II from Menu->Cameras
2.You can adjust the Speed and USB traffic to optimal the frame rate. The concept is the same the readout speed and USB traffic in EZP. But each time when the SharpCAP starting, it will use the lowest speed to boot. In SharpCAP there is speed=0,speed=1,speed=2. speed=0 is the slowest readout speed.
QHY5II Guide Port Sequence
QHY5III Guide Port Cable RJ11 Pin Sequence
This connector is fully compatible with the EQ5/EQ6/Celestron/iOpton Guide Socket. The Pin Sequence is (When face to the connector of the cable)
The Socket side (mount side) is
If you are using other mount, Please check if it is the same pin sequence with the HEQ5/EQ6/Celestron/iOpton.


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