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QHY5 never be recongnized by computer(unknown device) FAQ
2019 年 01 月 26 日
1. Please check the VID/PID of the camera display in the hardware manager
 --> device list,right click the “unknown device”or “usb device”.
2.Install QHY16000 driver and CySuiteUSB software.
3.Edit the QHY16000.inf file of the QHY16000 driver in system disk,add   the camera VID/PID(we supposed the VID/PID is FF18:0901,for example),
The file location:
  C:\Program Files (x86)\QHYCCD\QHY16000Driver\driver    win7 system
  C:\Program Files\QHYCCD\QHY16000Driver\driver         xp system
   0)Check the VID/PID,if it is not 04b4:8613,Go to step 1);If it is 04b4:8613,       Go to step 2).
Open the QHY16000.inf file,refer to the picture add the FF18 0901.save and close it.
Picture - 1
    2)      Connect camera to PC,the PC hardware manager will recognize QHY16000. 
   After PC install the QHY16000 driver,please do the follow steps:
    A) run the Cypress USB Console,open the EZ-USB Interface        
Picture - 2
B)Refer to the picture - 3,change the Parameter;then click the Download
button,download the :Vend_Ax.hex file,then click VendReq button,
rebuild the VID/PID               
Picture - 3
4.Disconnect the camera,then install the formal driver of QHY5 camera
5.If rebuild VID/PID is successful,after connect camera to PC,it will find
the QHY5 camera and install the driver,then run the QGVideo software,
the camera will work normal.
6.After the camera work normal,please refer to the follow steps write
hardware protect,in case the VID/PID missing again.
     A)Weld the red ring pads with a 0R resistance or short line.
     B)If your circuit board has not the pads as the red ring area,
you can pry up 1pin,then weld the 1pin on the 2pin.

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