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Using QHY Device with SharpCap
2021 年 02 月 22 日
Using QHY with SharpCap Software
1.Using All-in-one Pack or directly copy the latest QHYCCD SDK to the SHARPCAP folder to replace the old one. For 32-bit SharpCAP, just copy and overwrite it. For 64-bit SharpCAP, you need to copy the qhyccd_x64.dll and rename it to qhyccd.dll to overwrite the old one.

2. Connect the QHY Device to the 12V power supply and then connect your QHY to the computer using the USB3.0 data cable.
3. Launch SharpCap. If the software and drivers mentioned above are installed successfully, the video image will appear automatically about 3 seconds after the software loads.  You will also see the frame rate in the lower left corner of the software window as shown below.

4. If you have already started the SharpCap software before connecting the camera, in order to open the camera, click on the “camera” in the menu bar and then select QHY Device.

5. Offset adjustment. When you completely block the camera (i.e., like taking a dark frame) you may find that the image is not really zero. Sometimes this will reduce the quality of the image contrast. You can get a better dark field by adjusting the offset. You can confirm this by opening the histogram as indicated in the figure below.


6. If you want to enter the 16-bit image mode, select the "RAW16" mode.

7. By selecting the “LX” mode you can expand the exposure setting range and take long exposures.  
Exposure image at -10°C, 60s exposure time, 100 gain setting.
A long exposure image at -10°C, 60s exposure time, 100 gain setting.
8. After the QHY Cooling Device is connected to the 12V power supply, the temperature control circuit will be activated. You can control the CMOS temperature by adjusting the settings in the figure below

Basically, you can control the temperature of CMOS by either adjusting “Cooler Power” or clicking “Auto” and setting “Target Temperature”. You can also see the CMOS temperature at the lower-left corner of the software window.

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