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A new breakthrough in the field of scientific research -- display of QHY6060 in
2020 / 07 / 31

In order to meet the special needs of scientific research work, the scientific camera QHY6060 has launched a full vacuum version.Compared with the standard air-cooled + drying structure, vacuum can achieve the airtight drying effect better.For scientific research activities requiring special vacuum requirements, such as X-ray observation, a vacuum environment must be provided.Up to now, most refrigeration cameras in the vacuum scheme adopt the semi-vacuum design, that is, the front chip part of the camera is placed in the vacuum device and the other parts are exposed.In contrast, the full vacuum version can place all the machines in the vacuum space, which is not only conducive to better realize airtight drying, but also more convenient to realize rotation and movement of the equipment, and more conducive to observation and operation.In terms of heat dissipation, the full vacuum version replaces the standard air-cooled structure with water-cooled structure, which can reduce the vibration to zero and minimize the external influence while adapting to the vacuum environment.

Water cooled thermal conduction module

QHY6060 QHY6060 is a high-end scientific research camera with super large target size, which is specialized in scientific research.Equipped with GENSENSE6060 large-target surface chip, the chip size is 61.44mm*61.44mm, with an effective pixel of 37.7m.Chip native 14 bit A/D, support 8 bit and 16 bit output to better meet frame rate/resolution requirements.QHY6060 offers two options of front and back lighting.Back-lit QE peaked at 95% and back-lit QE peaked at 72%.Various customized services can be realized according to research needs.

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