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PoleMaster Patent Certificate issued by (USPTO)
2019 / 08 / 10
QHYCCD has received the PoleMaster patent certificate issued by the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO)
International patent (patent no:US10371785B2)

Now it has obtained the domestic patent (patent number: ZL2014 2 0766000.8) International patent (patent no:US10371785B2)
The certificate was reviewed and issued by the United States patent and trademark office (uspto) accreditation panel, and thanks to all leaders and users for their support and recognition.
Winning this award, QHYCCD has strengthened our determination to develop the astronomical cause. From the past to the present, QHYCCD has been committed to providing high performance astronomical camera for the vast number of astronomy enthusiasts. From products to services, we have been focusing on user product experience and creating value-added services for customers.In the future, we will continue to improve the product system construction, build user evaluation system, always adhere to the user-centered business policy.
QHYCCD PoleMaster is a pole-axis sharp instrument well received by astronomy enthusiasts. This product is a unique invention of our company, which changes the way of pole-axis alignment of astronomical telescopes for hundreds of years, solves the pain point of traditional optical pole-axis alignment, and thus completely overturns the previous pole-axis alignment method based on time Angle.

QHY electronic polar axis mirror adopts the method of matching the position of surrounding star points of Polaris. Compared with the traditional polar axis method, QHY electronic polar axis mirror has several significant advantages:
Fast, easy, and comfortable: you do not need to rotate the telescope to a certain position so that the optical pole mirror of the equatorial instrument is not obscured.You also do not need to lie down to look at the pole mirror and adjust the equator.You don't need to turn off all the lights in order for the naked eye to adjust to the darkness in the field of vision to look for the north star.You don't need to enter a date and time, and then rotate the equator to some strange Angle, and you don't need to adjust the equator horizontal bubble.
High resolution: PoleMaster's pixel resolution is about 30 arc seconds.The pixel matrix of the camera is itself a good ruler, so the accuracy of its measurements is much higher than that of the polar-axis mirror.At its best, it can achieve 30 arc seconds of alignment.
Wide field: easy to find the north star.The pole-axis mirror has a large field of view of 11 degrees by 8 degrees, so it is easy to find the north star
Compatibility: with a proper adapter ring, the PoleMaster can be mounted on any equatorial instrument, even one without a polar axis mirror.Because the electron pole mirror itself replaces all the functions of the optical pole mirror.
Real-time pole axis tracking/adjustment: using the electronic pole axis mirror, you can observe the alignment of the pole axis at any time, or continuously monitor the status of the pole axis.When the equator accidentally moves, you can also set it back without redoing anything.
No need for samsung calibration: when you complete the calibration through the electronic pole mirror, you only need to perform single-star synchronization (one-star calibration), and no need for samsung calibration.It greatly facilitates the calibration of equatorial instrument.
Good news for uniaxial equatorial instruments: because there is no declination axis, such as scissor foot or star field equator, declination cannot be rectified.With the use of the electronic pole-axis mirror, the drift amount in the declination direction will be very small after the pole-axis alignment, which can further improve the performance of this type of equatorial instrument.
Welcome to QHYCCD website for more details about PoleMaster.
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