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EZCAP_QT Update History
2018 / 10 / 28
  Brief Introduction
        EZCAP_QT is recompiled on Qt Creator,and it is base on previous EZCAP that compiled by QHYCCD. The software has cross-platform features, with different cross-platform versions.It can be run on Windows, Linux(X86, ARM), and MACOS.
        The software control QHYCCD full series  camera through the cross-platform QHYCCD SDK.Currently completed cameras include QHY5III series, COLDMOS refrigeration CMOS series, QHY5II series, a-series integrated cameras POLEMASTER, and some earlier cameras (such as QHY22, etc.).
        Under Windows, the software realizes camera control through qhyccd.dll.Under Linux, control is achieved by libqhyccd.so.



Update Date:2019-3-14
Update Record:
        Update SDK to the newest version(V2019.02.28.0 WINDOWS X86_X64),descriptions are as follows:
1. Repair QHY178C in single frame mode, direct shooting will appear abnormal image, local noise BUG;
2. Fixed the blocked BUG in ROI mode of QHY5II;
3. Repair the BUG lost by WINUSB camera after scanning again in ASCOM;
4. Repaired the ROI of QHY8L, modified the ROI and shot the second BUG that would collapse;
5. Adding IsQHYCCDControlAvailable function, we can know whether the camera supports single-frame mode and continuous mode by calling(See SDK development manual for more information on usage);
6. In V4.0.14 version, QHY178 needs the second frame exposure time to correct the BUG;
7. Add downfirmware. CPP to download firmware from memory;
8. Correct 163M camera gain value to return incorrect bug;
9. Correct the bug that the gain value returns to 1 in the single frame mode of 168C camera;
10. Fix QHY183 in V4.0.14 in continuous mode, 8BIT and 16BIT do not map the problem;
11. Fixed a BUG returned from the judgement involving the connection of the filter wheel;
12. In the single frame mode of QHY294C, the image occasionally shifts 2 pixels to the right, which is repaired, and the corresponding starting position of the image is modified accordingly;
13. Fix the bug that the 5III 290C M camera falls into a dead cycle when acquiring single frame and active frame images in Linux, RPI3 and MacOS (the reason is that the firmware is correct after replacing the new firmware);
14. Adding the save function of X2 camera after selection;
15. Add functions to get and print SDK version number and firmware version number in testapp;
16. Open the function of downloading firmware from memory in LINUX and RPI3 systems.
1.This version does not support QHY8 QHY8Pro QHY5 cameras at present;
2.This version of the change requires the latest driver,if your driver version isn't newest,it will popup a dialog to ask you to install the newest driver;
3. Update record information includes QHYCCD SDK library and TheSkyX plug-in under all operating systems.
Update Date:2019-01-07
Update Record:
        Update SDK to the newest version(V2019.01.22.0 WINDOWS X86_X64),descriptions are as follows:
1.This version of QHYCCD SDK has made great changes and optimizations from the structure, and can access and process multiple (theoretically up to 18) QHYCCD cameras;
2.Added  support for cameras QHY294, QHY550, QHY2020, QHY42, QHY4040,QHY42PRO;
3.Fixed the BUG of no image captured by QHY183M camera in single frame.;
4.Fixed the BUG of incorrect live mode image of QHY178 camera;
5.Fixed the BUG that the same target temperature could not be refrigerated after the camera closed the refrigeration.
1.This version does not support QHY8 QHY8Pro QHY5 cameras at present.
2.This version of the change requires the latest driver,if your driver version isn't newest,it will popup a dialog to ask you to install the newest driver.
Update Date:2018-05-03
Update Record:
1.Fixed the issue of wrong SDK version;
Update Date:2018-05-02
        Update SDK to the newest version(V2018.05.02.0 WINDOWS X86_X64),descriptions are as follows:
1.Party cameras have issue with  auto exposure/gain/color balance mode when get single frame,now we has fixed them;
2.Removed dependence of pssdk.dll,but it still contain tbb.dll and ftd2xx.dll.
1.This version of the change requires the latest driver,if your driver version isn't newest,it will popup a dialog to ask you to install the newest driver.
Update Date:2017-12-27
Update Record:
1. Fixed the bug that cause the QHY5L-II in live video mode image slightly shifit when in high frame rate(usb bandwidth value is small, eg. >20FPS. This bug affect the driver version from 2017.08.14 to 2017.11.09   2. Improved the QHY5L-II stability and avoid the hang happen (this bug effect the driver from 2017.05.29 to 2017.11.09.  
3. Improved the gain setting range for QHY5L-II-M and QHY5L-II-C. (expanding the actual gain range but reduce the gain steps). 
4.Fxied the QHY247C,QHY168C,QHY367C,QHY128C etc the overscan area definitation in EZCAP_QT and the effective image definitation in EZCAP_QT. 
5. Fixed the bug that QHY5III series does not suppot CancelExopsing and CancelExposuringAndReadout. 
6. Add QHY42 support.   
7.Add QHY183M support.
Update Date:2017-11-20
Update Record:
1.Fixed the overscan remove area define error in the EZCAP_QT for QHY168C,QHY247C issue.
2. Reduce about 12rows for QHY168 fullframe readout image because it is exceed the effeictive image area and the data is a fixed white value . Now it is 5040*3346, before it is 5050*3358. (The overscan remove mode resolution is not changed). 
3.Increase the USB traffic limiation in the QHY247C when in USB2.0 mode. To avoid the DDR buffer get full and the image become more and more slow and then hang.





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