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2018 / 08 / 05
Fixed: the size of the saved Fit file was only a few KB.
Fixed: The usb breakpoint problem of QHY21, QHY22 and QHY23;
Fixed: Can not send email in 'UE Improvement Plan' page when installed it.
Fixed: The information in FIT Header page not record to fit file. (Note: only in Capture mode can be record this info)
Fixed the problem that CFW value overed 5 in planner table can not control the Filter Wheel.
Fixed the BIN value in planner table can not input more than 2.
(note: when start plan table, it will check the legitimacy of input values in each plan, if illegal, then will not execute this plan)
Added the Black level calibration, when checked the 'ignore overscan area' option and capture the image, it will display the image which after calibration.
Added uninstall the previous version automatic when installed it.
Optimize the QHY23 camera focus mode function;
Fixed the planner table can not input more then 5 in CFW textfield.

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