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high sensitivity

QHY990 is a scientific CMOS camera with Sony IMX990 sCMOS sensor with a square pixel array and 1.31M effective pixels. This chip has a wide waveband(0.4um-1.7um) with high sensitivity. The input frequency is 37.125MHz/74.25MHz/54MHz.

high resolution

The chip of QHY990 has a high resolution. The number of recommended recording pixels is 1280(H)x1024(V). 1.31M pixels.

12bit A/D

QHY990 has three modes of 8bit/10bit/12bit. The camera has a low dark current and low power consumption.

high readout rate

The frame rate in All-pixel scan mode: 8bit:134.73frames/s, 10bit:125.27frames/s, 12bit:71.53frames/s

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