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Large Area Sensor

36.9mm x 36.9mm
4K x 4K

QHY4040/QHY4040PRO uses the GSENSE4040 sensor, it has a 36.9mm x 36.9mm square sensor with 9.0um pixels in a 4k x 4k array. It has 36.9*36.9mm big image area. 1.57 times larger than full-frame format. With higher image quality and fast readout speed, it is an idea alternative for the KAF09000 and KAF16803 based camera.

Fast Readout

Low Read Noise
2.3e / 4e

Unlike the high readout noise of CCD sensor under high readout speed, even on ten frame per second, the FSI has only 4e- read noise(at gain32) and the BSI has 2.3e-.

USB3.0 High Speed Interface

Multiple Pixel Clock
20FPS Frame Rate

The QHY4040 has a USB3.0 high-speed interface with up to 5GB of bandwidth. QHY4040PRO has both USB3.0 and 2*10Gbps Filber. 2*10Gbps fiber port support max 20FPS@16bit output. USB3.0 support max 20FPS@8bit and 10FPS@16bit ouptut. Camera supports different readout clocks and 8FPS, 12FPS, 13.3FPS, 16FPS, 18FPS,20FPS frame rates.

Low Dark Current

-35C Below Ambient
0.05e/pixel/sec @ -15C

The QHY4040/PRO has 2-stage TE Cooling that reduces the sensor temperature to -30 °C to -35 below ambient. TE cooling significantly reduces dark current and produces cleaner, lower noise images over long exposures. QHY4040PRO has the water cooling version to get -40C below ambient.


74% / 90% QE
High Sensivitiy

The FSI version has peak QE 74% . The BSI has peak QE 90%. The BSI version also has the wide spectrum response from UV to NIR.

Astronomical Imaging

The QHY4040/PRO has an ultra-high dynamic range of 86dB and an extremely low readout noise of 4e-. This makes the camera exceptional for astronomical imaging, medical imaging, life sciences, fluorescence detection, trace sciences.

Biological Imaging

36.9mm x 36.9mm sensor High Resolution High Quality Image Output

Dynamic DR

For dynamic medical x-ray DR imaging the QHY4040 sensor size matches most industry-standard DR lenses and the high frame rate and low readout noise performance is ideal for X-ray imaging.

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