QHY268C Top Part Change in 2023

QHY268C Top Part Change in 2023

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Hello All QHY Users,

From 2023, the top part of QHY268C will change to the shorter one just like that of 268M. In fact, you can get the “SBFL(shorter back focal length” version of 268C right now.

The previous 268c has a back focal length of 17.5mm, and since it cannot connect to the scope without CAA, so it’s actual BFL is 17.5mm+6mm=23.5mm. Now after the change, 268C’s BFL will be shorten to 14.5mm, which provides more spaces for a filter wheel drawer, or an eletric CAA, or DSLR Lens, etc.

By the way, there’ll be a new set of adapter kits for the new 268C just like D1 to the previous version. Futhermore, own filter drawer will come in 2023.

Clear Skies,