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Happy New Year 2015

The year 2015 is the chinese "Yang" year.  "Yang" is the chinese spelling and means the "goat" or "sheep". It is one animal of the 12 animals in Chinese traditional culture. Happy New Year to everyone!  

APOD 2014.4.11 Mars near Opposition by Mr.Fábio Carvalho and Gabriela Carvalho(customers of "Loja Tellescópio Acessórios") with their QHY5L-II Mono Camera

QHY8 Imageby Mr.Carsten Jacobs from Nambia with 18inch AK2 telescope


QHYCCD is having chinese spring vacation from Feb,16 to March,8.During this period the help ticket and the email may be no reponse.
QHYCCD new breaking hot production: QHY-miniCAM5S(Cooled QHY5L-II) is ready for beta User Testing.If you are looking for a low price high sensitivity mega pixel cooled camera please keep you eyes on it.Details

QHY9 coming with new QHYCFW2-S 5 position 36mm filterwheel. only USD1999. See astrofactors.com

IC8300 Developer version is ready to ship. This version has a specially price USD2200 with a free QHYCFW2-S five position 36mm color wheel. This price is a limited quantity price and only for tester and developer. Please contact intercam@qhyccd.com for direct order 

NEAF2014, NewYork.QHYCCD will be there.


QHY8L camera had upgraded its cooling system.It takes 2-stage TEC cooling system now.It can reach -40 from ambinet.So we replace DC201S with DC201. 


Open Source QHY Linux API on github Includes the stuff of most QHYCCD fireware, Camera APIs, and the device API for InterGuider and InterCam

9mega pixel high QE 1-inch ICX814 Sensor, QHY23 released

FireCapture Author Released V2.2 build40 support QHY5-II series directly(Not via WDM).Please download at FireCapture Website. Or following this step

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