QHYCCD PoleMaster with AZEQ6/NEQ6/HEQ5/iOpton adapter released. Support both north and south hemisphere. The retail price is USD299.
Color Moon miniCAM5F LRGB vs QHY5L-II-C
I am really amazed with the quality of the mono sensor with filters. It is much much better then the bayer sensor. I am very happy with the minicam5f. The details are of course better but the colors are really better. I will have a lot of work to do on the Moon.  --Alain

Saturn. Captured by Terry Lovejoy with miniCAM5F and 12mm LRGB filters
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Very Faint Object SH2-132
37hours totally exposure with IC8300 capture by the Lorand Fenyes, Hungary. More details at  http://www.pleiades.hu/galeria/kozmosz2/leiras/oldal084.php


PoleMaster Southern Hemisphere version comes!

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miniCAM5F starts to sell to US and Europe. Price at USD699 with LRGB and black filters. USD799 with LRGB,black,Ha and methane filter. USD849 with LRGB,black,Ha,OIII,SII filters, USD899 with LRGB,black,Ha,OIII,SII,Hb filters.Please contact local dealer to order it.

QHY5III series cameras release in this month. Includes QHY5III174,QHY5III178,QHY5III224 and QHY5III290

QHY16200A beta Test camera is shipping