QHYCCD PoleMaster with AZEQ6/NEQ6/EQ8/AZEQ5/HEQ5/iOptron/AVX/Takahashi/CGEM/SXD/SXD2/SXW/SXP and MESU adapter is now available.Supports both northern and southern hemispheres. Retail price USD269(not include adapter). Adapter is 30 to 50USD
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QHYCCD Astronomy CCD/CMOS Camera
World-leading astronomical cameras, ranging from entry-level to professional, from CMOS to CCD, specially crafted for amateur astronomers worldwide.
QHY5III Series High speed low readout noise cameras are avalible in stock.Inlcudes five models QHY5III174M/C QHY5III178M/C QHY5III290M/C QHY5III224C QHY5III185C

QHY16200A in stock. with OAG-M and priced USD3999 for class 2 sensor.  QHY16200A-CFW7 with build-in seven poisition colorwheel USD4399

QHY APS-C Size and Full Frame Size Cooled CMOS Camera Start from USD1199
LDN1622 - Bogeyman Nebula by Metteo Collina. With QHY90A Camera and Optolong filters, FSQ106 telescope Avalon M-Uno mount in the Avalon Merlino remote observatory.
Large Magellanic Cloud by Jason Lin with QHY16200A and 70SA telescope. Download Original Size Image (14MB)