QHY600PH Series
QHY600 Astronomy Camera: Sony IMX455 CMOS, Full Format, BSI, 3.76um Pixels, Native 16bit A/D, 60MP, 2GB DDR3, Mutiple Readout Modes

QHY600PH Series

With the advantage of low readout noise and high-speed readout, CMOS technology has revolutionized astronomical imaging. A monochrome, back-illuminated, high-sensitivity, astronomical imaging camera is the ideal choice for astro-imagers. The…

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QHY600PRO Series

QHY600PRO Series use SONY IMX455 back-illuminated sensor, a full-frame (35mm format) sensor with 3.76μm pixels and native 16bit A/D. This sensor is available in monochrome and color versions. Specially designed…

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