Heating Plate Placement on the QHY268 Cameras

Heating Plate Placement on the QHY268 Cameras

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce an update regarding the QHY268 Series, specifically related to the positioning of the heating board. Moving forward, the heating board will be raised by approximately 5mm, resulting in a reduced likelihood of fogging. We assure you that this modification will not impact the calculations of the back focal length or any other functionality of the cameras.

For mono cameras in the series, the adapter kit remains unchanged and will continue to be used as before. However, for color cameras, we have introduced a new standard accessory called the G1 adapter kit. This kit will be supplied with the camera and is specifically designed for color camera models. Please note that this change will be implemented initially for the QHY268M-PH camera following this announcement. Subsequently, the color camera models will receive the update in approximately one month, coinciding with the availability of the new G1 kit and filter drawer designed for color cameras.

We believe that these modifications will enhance the performance and reliability of our products, providing an improved user experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best regards,

QHYCCD Sales Team