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Ethan Wong

Ethan Wong

Ethan Wong is an astrophotographer from Singapore. He has captured many wonderful works.

“My first foray into the world of astrophotgraphy was during a vacation with a group of friends at Mount Hehuan, Taiwan back in 2016 (which recently became a certified Dark Sky reserve in 2019). That experience under the vastness of the night skies was unforgettable. Moving on to capturing the stars with a Canon DLSR, in late 2019, I upgraded to a dedicated astronomy camera by QHYCCD and most of my recent works come from this.”

【Celestial Phoenix in Cygnus】

Mount: iOptron CEM40

Camera: QHY 163M

Filters: Antlia 3.5nm Narrowband filters

Scope/Lens: TS Optics UNC 6 inch F/5 Newtonian

Integration:7 hours of total exposure

【NGC 6188】

camera: QHY 163M

filter: Antlia SHO filter

telescope: william optics Z61

mount: iEXOS-100 mount

integration: 28 hours

【IC2994 Running Chicken Nebula】

 camera: QHY294M

filter: Antlia SHO filters

telescope: Esprit 100 F/3.6

mount: iOptron CEM-70 mount

integration: 17 hours

【Seagull Nebula】

camera: QHY 294M

filter: Antlia SHO filters,

telescope: 6″ F/5 newtonian

mount: Ioptron CEM40

【vela supernova remnant】

telescope: Skywatcher Esprit 100 F/3.6
camera: QHY 294M
mount: iOptron CEM-70
filter: Antlia 3.5nm H-Alpha & 3nm Oiii filters