Filter Masks

Beginning September 1, 2023, QHY will provide Filter Masks free as standard accessories for the QHYCFW3-M, QHYCFW3-L and QHYCFW3-XL filter wheels to replace the small round fixers previously provided to hold unmounted filters in the carousel. These filter masks make installation easier and, more importantly, they help eliminate stray light from passing around unmounted 50mm filters in the carousel filter slots.

Users who bought QHY filter wheels before September 1 can buy the filter masks separately if needed.


36mm round unmounted filter masks *10pcs: $10

for QHYCFW3M with a 7*36mm filter carousel50mm round unmounted filter masks *10pcs: $10

for QHYCFW3M with a 5*50mm round filter carousel, QHYCFW3L and QHYCFW3XL

and one 50mm square 3D-printed filter mask plate for the QHYCFW3XL with a 7 x 50mm square filter carousel.

The 36mm and 50mm masks are available at the nominal price of $10 for a set of 8-10 pcs. Customers with an XL filter wheel with 50mm square filters may request a free mask through the QHY Help Center by opening a ticket and requesting an XL filter mask.