QHYCCD Discontinued Product Notice 2022
Astronomy Cooled Camera

QHYCCD Discontinued Product Notice 2022

Dear QHYCCD users,

This announcement is to let you know that we will no longer reproduct the following models:

Discontinued Model Date
QHY168C 2022
QHY5L-II-C 2022
QHY5III290M 2022
QHY128C 2022
QHY294C 2022
QHY5III178C 2022
QHY367C 2022
QHY247C 2022
QHY163M 2022


For some of these models there will be “Clearance Prices”, which means you can get them for very low prices until the stocks run out. Please contact your local dealers for details. Besides, all of their warranty and after-sale services won’t be affected.