QHY Filter Drawer

Product Price (USD)
Filter Drawer 40
Filter Drawer (Holder Only) 20

The QHY Filter Drawer is designed specifically for the new generation of cooled OSC cameras such as QHY268C (New version) and QHY600C-PH SBFL. It uses a magnetic fixation design and holds 2″ mounted filters.

This filter drawer is carefully designed in terms of thickness. When attached to the new QHY268C or QHY600C and an optional Nikon or Canon DSLR lens adapter, infinity focus can be achieved.

At the same time, the new Adapter Kit G1 for the latest version of the QHY268C-PH camera includes the filter drawer and with the release of the G1 kit, this will be a standard accessory for the QHY268C-PH and QHY600C-PH cameras. The complete contents of Adapter Kit G-1 are listed below. Customers who purchase these two products after September 2023 do not need to purchase the kit or filter drawer separately.

For others, the Filter Drawer and extra filter holders for the Filter Drawer are available for purchase.

G1 kit:











Extra filter Holders for Filter Drawer:

















Basic Specifications

Model QHY Filter Drawer
Telescope Interface M54/0.75
Thickness 19.5mm
Compatible Filter 1*2-inch mounted filter

What’s in the Box (Single Filter Drawer)

Filter Drawer*1

8mm M3 Screws*4

22mm M3 Screws*6


Note: The filter drawer can also be connected to the older version of the QHY268C and other old cooled color cameras like 367C, 247C, 168C, 128C, and 410C. However, this will extend the focal length. This increased length might make it difficult to incorporate a QHYOAG into your imaging setup if you need a 55mm focal length.