QHY268 Astronomy Cooled Camera

QHY268M & QHY268C

QHY268M & QHY268C Astronomy Cooled Camera has great fullwell up to 75ke- and supports mutiple readout modes. Sony IMX571 CMOS, BSI, Native 16bit A/D.

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QHY533M/C Astronomy Cooled CMOS Camera IMX533

QHY533M & QHY533C

QHY533M & QHY533C Astronomy Cooled Camera are good stuffs for astrophotography beginners. Sony IMX533 CMOS, BSI, great amplify control.

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QHY294 Astronomy Cooled Camera

QHY294M & QHY294C

QHY294M & QHY294C Astronomy Cooled Camera is a 4/3-inch back-illuminated camera, equipped with Sony IMX294 (Color) and IMX492 (Mono) sensor.  

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QHY410C Astronomy Cooled Camera


QHY410C is a full frame BSI Astronomy Cooled Camera. Sony IMX410 CMOS, 5.94 um larger pixels. 1GB DDR3 buffer.

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CCD Camera of “A” Series

QHY695A QHY90A QHY16200A QHY09000A, “A” Series CCD camera. “A” stands for “ALL-IN-ONE”. The camera includes a built-in motor driven filter wheel and natively supports the

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QHYCFW3 Filter Wheel


QHYCFW3 Filter Wheel Series are available in four sizes to accommodate filters from 1.25-inch to 50 millimeters square.

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