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8.6 Megapixel

CCD camera
16-bit A/D

The QHY90A is an 8.6 megapixel integrated cooled CCD camera using the popular KAF-8300 4/3-inch monochrome CCD. This sensor has an array of 3358 x 2536 pixels at 5.4um. The image area is a generous 17.9mm x 13.5mm.

The emergence of the "A" series!

The letter "A" is used by QHYCCD to designate a camera that is an integrated (ALL-IN-ONE) camera equipped with the essential features needed for astrophotography and system integration. In particular, it has a built-in filter wheel to save space between the camera and the telescope and it supports the QHYOAG.

Butterfly Shutter

Uniform Illumination
Long Life

The camera uses a mechanical shutter that has the shape of a butterfly. This provides even illumination as the shutter sweeps across the sensor to begin or end an exposure. The shutter is driven directly by the motor and has no other moving parts, making the working life almost unlimited.


12V Single Cable

The QHY90A uses a single 12V power cord that can be secured with a threaded lock nut. It also has a 12V output socket that can power peripherals directly from the camera.

Built-In Filter Wheel

The QHY90A has a built-in seven-position filter wheel that will hold 36mm round unmounted filters. an entire set of LRGB Ha OIII SII can be loaded at one time, avoiding the trouble of having to disassemble the filter wheel each time you want to change your filter group, making your imaging experience more enjoyable and more productive.

2-Stage TE cooling

2-Stage cooling reduces the temperature of the CCD chip to -45 degrees C below ambient, resulting in very low thermal noise and a clean, long exposure.

Integrated Control

The A-series cameras have a USB host interface that can be connected to a guide camera. Two serial ports are available for the equatorial mount and the electric focuser. Control of the camera, mount, guide camera and focuser can be managed through a single USB connection to your computer.

Mechanical Shutter.

Although the CCD chip has an electronic shutter, the QHY90A also provides a mechanical shutter for automatically taking dark frames.

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