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CCD Sensor
KAF16200 APS-H  (Default: Grade 2)  Full Frame CCD
Pixel Size
Effective Pixels
16.2 mega
Effective Image Area
27.0mm*21.6mm   APS-H format
Readout Type Progressive Scan
Readout Noise Typical 10 e
System Gain 0.7e-/ADU at lowest Gain
Full Well Capacity
Anti-Blooming Gate 2000x Saturation
Exposure Time Range 1ms-10000sec
AD Sample Depth
Sensor Size
APS-H Format
Pixel Binning 1x1,2x2,4x4
Exposure Time 1ms-10000sec
Cooling System Dual Stage TEC Cooler (-40C below Ambient)
Shutter Type  Even-illumination Butter-Fly Mechanical Shutter
Color / Monochrome
Monochrome Only
QHYOAG interface
Six M3 screw thread
Non-volatile memory / In camera storage User accessible non-volatile internal built-in EEPROM memory capable of storing several small frames for calibration routines, stellar ROI frames for analysis of exoplanet investigation, occultations, atmospheric seeing measurement, focus, optic analysis etc.  For maximum internal storage of images we recommend using an SD card or memory stick attached to the USB 2.0 port in the camera. 
Build-in Filter Wheel QHY16200A-CFW5:  Five Position 2inch/50mm round filter wheel
QHY16200A-CFW7:  Seven Position 2inch/50mm round filter wheel
Supported Filters
5 X 2-inch mounted filters, up to 6mm thick (not including threads)
7 X 2-inch mounted filters, up to 9mm thicck (not including threads)
5 X 50mm unmounted filters, 1-5mm thickness
7 X 50mm unmounted filters, 1-8mm thickness
Moisture Control
Air connector for removable silica gel tube
Heater for optic window of air-proof CCD chamber
Power consumption
0% cooling 8W     50% cooling 16.5W    100% cooling 27W
Telescope Interface
M54/0.75 Female Thread
Back Focal Length
CFW5 version:34mm(±0.5)    CFW7 version:41.5mm(±0.5)
QHY16200A Electric Interface USB Slave Port x1    USB host port x2    RS232  3pin port x2   2.1mm 12V DC port x2
1550g (standard CFW5 version), no OAG included
2330g (CFW7 version), no OAG included
Reference Price
QHY16200A-CFW5 with OAG USD3999 (with class2 sensor)
QHY16200A-CFW7 with OAG USD4399 (with class2 sensor)

QHY16200A Reference Dark/BIAS Frames
Bias Frame  0SEC
Dark Frame 60SEC 120SEC 300SEC 600SEC 900SEC

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