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QHY600 Back-Illuminated 60 Megapixel, 
Full Frame Format, 16bit Cooled CMOS Camera*


Pre-Release Sensor Features
◆ Back-Illuminated CMOS image sensor
◆ Full Frame Format
◆ Effective Image Area 36 mm (H) × 24 mm (V)
◆ Pixel size 3.76 µm (H) × 3.76 µm (V)
◆ Full Well: 44ke to 49ke
◆ AD convert: Native 16BIT


QHY600 is under developing. We will release the develop progress on QHYCCD Facebook. Please follow our facebook for last news.

QHY600 will come with two version. The Scientific Version (QHY600U3G) and the Photograph version(QHY600U3). The different of these two version includes:

1) Scientific version has GigaE interface and USB3.0 interface.  The Photograph version has only USB3.0 interface.
2) Scientific version may have more on-camera DDR3 memory than photograph version.
3) Scientific version has the TrigOut signal. And also the Scientific version has rich resource and allow user customerize the FPGA inside the camera.
4) The price is different. The Scientific version is more expensive than Photographic version. 


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