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Order Status:QHY550M/C/P will be avalible on Nov.2018

Model QHY550M (Monochrome Version)
QHY550C (Color Version)
QHY550P (Four Direction Monochrome Polarize Version)
COMS Sensor SONY IMX250 Pregius Global Shutter CMOS Sensor
Pixel Size 3.45um*3.45um
Effective Pixel Area
2464 × 2056
Effective Pixels
5.0 mega pixel
Effective Image Area
8.50mm * 7.09mm
AD Sample Depth
12BIT (output as 16bit or 8bit format)
Sensor Size
Typical 2/3inch
Full Frame Rate and ROI Frame Rate
2458*2056 68FPS@8BIT
2458*2056 34FPS@12BIT

ROI 1080lines   (eg.2458*1080,1920*1080)126FPS@8BIT
ROI 480lines       (eg.2458*480, 640*480)   270FPS@8BIT
ROI 100lines       (eg.2458*100,100*100)    940FPS@8BIT

*Note:QHYCCD has optimized the cmos drive freqency and limit the max frame rate. The CMOS sensor may not work under the maxium frequency to ensure the better noise performance. If you need the customized higher frame rate version please contact QHYCCD.
Readout Noise 2.0e-2.5e
Dark Current 0.005e/pixel/sec @ -10C
Exposure Time Range 20us-600sec
Anti-Glow Control Yes. Big reduction of the amp-glow of the IMX250 sensor
Shutter Type Electric Global Shutter
Computer Interface USB3.0
Built-in Image Buffer 128MByte DDR2 memory
Non-volatile memory / On camera storage Build-in total 512Kbytes Flash Memory. 100Kbytes user-accessible space
for stellar ROI frames for analysis of exoplanet investigation, occultations, atmospheric seeing messurement, focus , optic analysis etc. Support 100*100 image x 10rames   50*50 image x40frames. 25*25 image x160frames 10*10 image * 1000 frames (total frame numbers is based on 8bit image)
Cooling System
Dual Stage TEC cooler(about -35C below ambient)
Anti-Dew Heater
Telescope Interface
M42/0.75  or optional C-mount
Optic Window Type

AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating (for QHY550M and QHY550P)
IR cut Coating(for QHY550C)

Back Focal Length
Retail Price
QHY550P(Cooled)  $2,999
QHY550M(Cooled)  $1,900

QHY550 Mechanical Size and Back focal Length 

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