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World First Cooled Polarize Camera

Pixel Class Polarize Filter
Four Directions

QHY550 has the 2/3inch SONY 5.0mega pixel IMX250 Global shutter CMOS sensor. Besides the monochrome and color version it has the specially Polarize version. With the on-pixel four direction polarize filter, It can capture the polarize image at only one exposure.No need change the polarize filter for three times. Tt can generate the polarize video at 68FPS high frame rate.

4 Direction

wire-grid polarizers
Semiconductor process

Since the polarizer is formed during the semiconductor process, form and formulation of polarizer, uniformity, mass productivity and durability are excellent compared to conventional polarization sensors. Furthermore, The Polarization sensor is covered with an anti-reflection layer which helps to reduce reflectance and avoids poor flare and ghost characteristics.

Low Dark Current

2-stage TEC cooled
Temperature Regulated

QHY550 has build-in two stage TEC cooler. It can cooled the sensor to -35C below ambient. This can reduce the dark current of IMX250 significantly. Which greatly improving the dark signal detect performance. Especially for detect the tiny difference of the polarize light. Which is necessary for the astronomy, life science and optical lab.

Global Shutter

High Speed Capture
Undistorted Imaging

QHY550 is use sony pregius cmos. Unlike the rolling shutter technology used in most cmos cameras, The Pregius is global shutter pixel technology for active pixel-type CMOS image sensors that use Sony's low-noise CCD structure,and realizes high picture quality. For high speed moving object and the atmospheric agitation the pregius sensor can generate undisborted imaging.

High Frame Rate

USB3.0 Interface
67FPS @ 5.0mp

QHY550 has USB3.0 interface. It can get 67FPS @ 5.0 mega pixel @ 8bit output . Under 12bit output it can get 34FPS @ 5.0mega pixel. With the ROI function it can get hundreds of frames per second.

DSO/Comet Polarize Imaging

Many deep sky object like the nebula etc has polarized light emitted. By using the QHY550P cooled polarize camera you can get an new looking at these object.

Solar Polarize Imaging

There is a lot of solar phenomenon has polarize information, like the corona and the structure of sunspot.

Industy,Gemstone and Biology Imaging

Polarize detector can be used in industry image to detect the scratch, transmissible object and getting the no-reflection pictures. In gemstone,geology and material science, biology science it also has important applications.

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