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Sony IMX071 Sensor
16 Megapixels

The QHY168C is a popular APS-C format cooled color camera. The SONY Exmor IMX071 sensor has 4.8um pixels and 2.3e- to 3.2e- read noise. This sensor was used in the Nikon D5100 DSLR camera. With read noise this low, it is easier to detect a dim target against of the background noise. The title image NGC4565, the ring nebula in this page was the DSO image captured with QHY168C by Fenyes Lorand.


True RAW

Many cameras claim to output RAW image files, but there is often still some internal processing performed on the image. This can have a negative effect on the image for astronomy such as the "star eater" effect. The QHY168C outputs TRUE RAW data, preserving the original data for maximum compatibility with astronomical imaging processing programs and other scientific imaging applications.

Extremely Low Dark Current

Noise Reduction Technology

In addition to dual stage TE cooling, QHYCCD implements proprietary technology in hardware to control the dark current noise in the QHY168C. As a result the dark current of this camera is a remarkable 0.0007e-/p/s at -15C.

AR coating

Reduce Halo

The optic window is high quality AR+AR multi-layer coated.. IR blocking is not so that the cameras can be used with maximum sensitivity to H-alpha and near IR when desired, or a simple IR blocking filter(L filter) can be attached for typical RGB imaging with IR cut.



With the QHYCCD anti-amp glow technology. QHY168C get the zero amplifier glow results. Which will make the long time DSO exposure more conformable and easy to process.Glow will cause the noise increasing after calibration in the glow area, Without the amplifier glow, there is less noise appear after the calibration.

Anti-Dew Technology

Based more than 10 years cooled camera design experience. The QHY168C has implemented the fully dew control solutions. The optic window has built-in dew heater and the chamber is protected from internal humidity condensation.

Multiple Setup

QHYCCD has many kinds of the mechanical adapter with flexibility setup to allow the QHY168C can be fit for all kinds of the conditions, including the QHYCCD OAG, 0.5mm-27.5mm flexible back focus adjust spacer, 2inch T ring, the IR filter holder for MPCC connection case, etc. Some of the items is optional pars and need to be ordered. QHYCCD has a combination table for many possible connection cases which can be found on specification page.

128MB DDR Buffer

The QHY168C has 128MB DDRII buffer. Which is over than one frame size (72MB per frame) and idea for buffering the image inside camera. It helps tremendously with slower computers and also USB2.0 case and it can improve the data transfer stability with flowing control.

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