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QHY128C Download And Document

QHY128C User Manual and Document
User Manual QHY128C Manual  
EZCAP Manual EZCAP Manual  
QHY128C WINDOWNS Driver and Software
System Driver System Driver Stable Version Historic Version
Native WDM Driver Native WDM Stable Version Historic Version
BroadCast WDM Driver BroadCast WDM Stable Version Historic Version
EZCAP-QT Windows Stable Version Historic Version
ASCOM Driver
ASCom guide,ASCom capture and ASCom 2nd have been packet into the ascome3inone driver, it means when you installed this driver, there will be three QHYCCD ASCOM driver on your computer that you can use. One is for camera #1 imaging, one if for camera #2 imaging, one is for guiding camera.
Camera ASCOM Stable Version Historic Version
ASCOM Platform
All QHYCCD ASCOM Driver should install this platform ahead.
Official Website Link  
A famous full functional CCD Control/Image Process software.Popular used in US.
Official Website Link  
A planet imaging software. We recommend to use this software for video mode
Official Website Link  
A popular Autoguiding Software, easy to use
Official Website Link  
A very good planetary imaging software
Official Website Link  

There are many software control QHYCCD camera via the QHYCCD SDK. You can download the last release QHYCCD SDK to update in first time. (Sometimes the software will be not so fast to package it). The method is download the QHYCCD SDK Package and copy the QHYCCD.DLL to the software's folder and replace the old QHYCCD.DLL. . For 64bit version you need to copy the QHYCCD_X64.DLL to the software's folder and rename into QHYCCD.DLL and replace the old one.

SDK for Developement SDK Document  
QHY128C LINUX Software
EZCAP-QT Linux Stable Version  
QHY128C MAC/OS Software
EZCAP-QT Mac Stable Version Historic Version

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