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QHY367C Download and Document
QHY367C PRO is the improved version of QHY367C. And the point is, the price will still keep the same as before.
The IMX094 sensor, which is equipped in QHY367C, has a different structure: a special cover glass is glued on the surface of the sensor. Therefore, we had to choose the low temperature reflow soldering before because the glue can be easily destoried under standard reflow soldering temperature. However, low-temperature reflow slodering method may lead to a potential risk: CMOS sensor might be loosed from PCB board after using a long period of time, and no image can come out then. Though this problem does not usually happen, the risk does exist.
Now we have sloved the issue. We redesigned the CMOS sensor structure and use the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) to replace the previous PCB. This FPC is very small and it allows us to seal the CMOS sensor manually instead of standard reflow soldering.
This is the previous QHY367C sensor board. The sensor is sealed on PCB board.

The new QHY367C PRO design is something like this (the image is not IMX094 sensor in 367C, but the structure is quite similiar), using the FPC to seal the sensor. The sensor can be manually sealed on FPC, which will avoid the issue above.

In addition to the cold solder issue being solved, the new design also has another two advantages. The one is that the sensor can get more 5 to 10 degree cooling(delta T) since the TEC will cooling the sensor directly instead of cooling the sensor with PCB.The other is that its back focal length is 0.5mm shorter than QHY367C.
Besides, QHY367PRO will support the FPGA firmware upgrade via USB function. The internal FPGA code is more easy to get update.
In summary, QHY367PRO-C vs. QHY367C
1) Solved the colder solder issue of QHY367.
2) Improved the cooler delta T 5-10 degree than before.
3) Reduce the back focal length 0.5mm than before.
4) Support FPGA firmware upgrade via USB function for future hardware function upgrade.
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