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QHY367C Download and Document

QHY367C User Manual And Document
User Manual QHY367C Manual  
EZCAP Manual EZCAP Manual  
FAQ QHY367PRO-C vs. QHY367C  
QHY367C WINDOWNS Driver and Software
System Pack*

System Driver
ASCOM Driver
SkyX Plugin for Windows
Stable Version Beta Version
 *The System pack might include the part you do not need, which will be automaticlly skipped during the installation.
 *EZCAP_QT is developed by QHYCCD, it could be used in QHY devices tests, simple capture tasks, and above all, the management of updates. So even if you won't use EZCAP_QT as your main capture software, we advice you install it to get the latest information of QHY drivers/SDK updates.
Other software and drivers
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