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QHY600 Random Horizontal noise optimize
2019 / 12 / 25
QHYCCD did a noise optimize work for the random horizontal noise espcially in mode #1 (high gain mode).Although the origional horizontal noise is slightly and only to be seen in heavy streatch, sometimes been regards as a typical cmos horizontal noise. But in order to get the "perfect" results and give the best performance of the QHY600 sensor. QHYCCD did a lot research work to optimize it. Now we have get this optimize work done and it can reduce the random horizonal noise a lot. Here is the results
To see this random noise, zoom the whole image to the screen size. capture dark frames, Set the exposure to >200ms (SharpCAP does not use software binning to resize the image when the exposure is less than 200ms and the noise is not easily seen in unbinned images). Use max gain and also use the stretch function to stretch the image to the background level.
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