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PoleMasterA high-precision, easy to use electronic polar scope
As any seasoned astroimager would agree, achieving good polar alignment is not an easy task. You may spend hours under precious dark sky trying to get that perfect polar alignment, but in the end you may not know whether good alignment has in fact been achieved. Even after you have obtained good alignment, a gentle knock on the mount may send the polar alignment off and you may have no other choice but to start from scratch again.  With an hour here and an hour there trying to get polar aligned, it would be dawn and time to pack up the gear¡­
Now there is a great solution to this age-old problem:  The PoleMaster is an innovative product pioneered by QHYCCD to relieve the pain of polar alignment.  Using PoleMaster and following a few simple, easy-to-follow steps, you can achieve that perfect polar alignment in 2-3 minutes, with an accuracy of up to 30 arc seconds.
How does PoleMaster work?   The idea is actually fairly simple.  You find out where the pole is, then determine the mechanical axis of rotation of your mount, and make the two coincide. While the idea is simple, it has never been implemented in a commercial product - until now. PoleMaster makes use of a super sensitive wide field imaging camera along the axis of RA to monitor the polar region in real time (it not only detects Polaris but also the dimmer stars surrounding Polaris).  From the positions of these stars PoleMaster can determine the position of the true pole and compare that to the mechanical axis of RA rotation.  Polar alignment is now a simple matter of moving the two centers of rotation so they overlap. Piece of cake!
In comparison with other polar alignment techniques, PoleMaster has the following advantage:
1. Speed and convenience: With PoleMaster you do not need to move the telescope to a specific place just to unblock the polar scope.  You do not need to kneel or contort your body to look through the polar scope.  You do not need to fully dark adapt just to see the pole star.  You do not need to level your mount.  You do not need to worry about the entering the date and time in your handset and figure out where to rotate the mount to coincide with the current pole star position.
2. Accuracy: With a high precision camera, one can achieve accuracy not achievable with the naked eye.  The imaging camera in PoleMaster has a resolution of 30 arc second, so the best polar  alignment that can be achieved by PoleMaster is also in the order of 30 arc seconds.
3. Wide angle view of the polar region: A wide field of view of 11x8 degree makes it very easy to locate the pole star
4. Easy to install: PoleMaster can be easily installed onto any equatorial mount through mount-specific adapters, even on mounts without a polar scope.
5. Real time polar alignment checking / adjustment: By using PoleMaster you can monitor your polar alignment in real time. In the event that polar alignment is lost, it is now a simple matter to bring it back without having to start from scratch.
6. Three star alignment no longer needed: Once you are polar aligned, you will only need to perform one star alignment - a real time saver.
7. Perfect companion to single axis mounts: When used with single (RA-only) axis mount, good polar alignment will minimize drift in the DEC axis therefore maximizing the performance of your mount.
The QHYCCD PoleMaster is patented with the China Patent and International PCT.  Please use only the genuine QHYCCD product. Your support is always appreciated and will take QHYCCD to the next level in providing excellent products and service to fellow amateur astronomers. 
QHYCCD OEMs:  PoleMaster and iOptron. QHYCCD has granted a license to iOptron to display the iOptron logo on PoleMaster for use only with iOptron equatorial mounts.  For other brands of mounts please use only the QHYCCD branded PoleMaster.
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PoleMaster Specification
Field of View
11 degree x 8  degree
Approximately 30 arcsec
Install method
Three M3 screw to mount adapter
mini USB2.0
QHYCCD PoleMaster Software
Rough precision
Approx 5 arcminute
High Precision
Max 30 arcsec
See mechanical drawing
Power Consumption
Approx 0.35 Watts   70mA
Availiable Adapter
EQ6/AZEQ6, HEQ5, iOptonCEM60, ZEQ25/CEM25,
iEQ45, iEQ30, AZEQ5, Celestron AVX, CGEM,  SX-4, TAK, MESU, SXP, UNC, EM200/EM11,
EM400, EQ8, smart EQ, AP-SM, AP900, G11

We installed the PoleMaster onto the EQ6, disabled RA and DEC pulse guiding and obtained this graph in PHD. The period is about 10minutes. The DEC drift is very small. In a total of 30 minutes the DEC drift is about 1.5 arcsec. (Red line is DEC, Blue line is RA). This means the polar error is 18 arcsec.

Mechanical Dimentions

                                           Back View                                          PoleMaster  Dimentions


Front View

Available Adapters 

EQ6/AZEQ6 adapter HEQ5 adapter
CEM25/ZEQ25 adapter CEM60 adapte
iEQ30 iEQ45 adapte AVX adapte
SX-4 adapter AZEQ5 adapter
TAK adapte CGEM adapter

Small Size coldmos
Medium SIze Coldmos
Large Size COLDMOS
Scientific QHY42
QHY(IC) 16200A
Guifer/PLAETARY Camera
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