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2018 年 01 月 26 日
Does QHY5-II series camera support 12bit output
QHY5L-II camera fully support 12bit image output. You can select it in ASCOM driver or in EZPlanetary menu->camera setting->14bit.
When using ASCOM at 12bit, the hardware guide port will be not actived. It means you can use use QHY5L-II's hardware guide port when select 12bit in ASCOM.
We recommand you use 12bit for deep sky imaging.
QHY5-II and QHY5R-II does not support 12bit mode, they are 10bit output.
2. QHY5L-II-Color version. The display image is wrong color , for example, the pink
Wrong debayer sequence. Select GR in menu->camera->color->GR
3. QHY5L-II-Color version is too green
Color balance need to be adjusted.  Adjust the red and blue bar to get correct color
4.After connect camera, The image can not get out . The software seems like dead. Only small resolution like 320*240 can be display
The reason is the CPU or mainboard chipset can not runs to match the high FPS. Need to reduce the speed of camera or limite the USB bandwidth.
Following the step in http://qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?topic=3500.0
Another reason is the USB power voltage is not enough. Please refer:
5.After stack and shape, the QHY5-II image has grid (only for QHY5-II, QHY5L-II has no this issue)
This is an issue of the CMOS sensor MT9M001. Need to switch to manual RGGB offset adjustment. The detail step is
6.Very low disk write speed
We suggest to use the RAW format to save the image . The data is only 1/3 of the color format. For example, in 1280*1024 or 1280*960 the bandwidth will exceed 100MB/s , Most HDD can not match this speed. While use RAW only 36MB/s-39MB/s .
7. The RAW AVI color is wrong after using stack software converted into color. Image is pink color, or image's
The selected debayer RGGB sequence is wrong. Stack software has four selections. You can test one by one and find the correct color. It is best to do some experiment to find the correct selection in daylight by capture some color object.
8.How to edit the filename fastly
Select the "use suffix" options in save option window. After exit the save option window the suffix bar in software statu bar will become red. Double click it , the filename suffix can be edit.  After edited, double click it again.
9. How to change the file pach fastly
Double click the blue bar in the statu bar.
10.How to change the file format fastly
Double click the green bar in the statu bar.
11. Why flicker or wide scrolling banding appears in the image
This is the flicker of fluorescent lamp(50Hz or 60Hz) .Adjust the exposure time to 20ms(in 50Hz AC area) or 16.6ms(in 60Hz AC area) to avoid this issue
12.Why QHY5L-II stop exposure after 3sec and start a new exposure even exposure time set to above 3sec
To improve the feature of QHY5L-II in long exposure, we add a options called "Long exposure mode"  It can be set in the advanced settings. After check it. Any long exposure can be ok. If not cheked, 3sec exposure is limited.
13.Which OS can be supported in this driver/software
windows 8 32/64,    windows xp 32bit  ,   windows 7 32 and 64bit     windows 8 32bit   windows vista 32bit has been tested ok      
14.Any requirement of the length of USB cable?
Yes , shorter USB cable is recommand for QHY5-II series camera. Because QHY5-II works close to the max limit of USB2.0 (apporx 39MB/s) . Long cable will cause the USB packet damaged and bad frame increased and even cause all frame lost. The software looks like halt with zero FPS.  If must use long cable. the sepcially USB extender cable is required.
15.How to select the combine of gain and exposure time?
Normally speaking , lower gain will give your more smooth image after stacked. So we recommand the gain as lower as possible.For example, for QHY5L-II-MONO gain<=10 is a good value.
16.Why some of USB port runs high FPS better while some is not even in one computer.
Since the QHY5-II series camera works in the limitation of USB2.0. Reach to 36-39MB/s.  The performance of USB port will effect the FPS .  The USB port performance is not the same due to the layout and route of the USB wire on the mainboard. This will effect the FPS. Please try each port of computer and find out a best one .
17.How to connect MAXIMDL with QHY5-II sereis.
Need install the ASCOM platform and install the QHY5-II ascom driver or QHY5L-II ascom driver. Then select ASCOM camera in MAXIMDL camera list and select QHY5-II or QHY5L-II in the ascom camera list.
18.How to clean the CMOS sensor
Screw off the front part (the item with optic window) then you can clean the CMOS sensor. The CMOS sensor has AR coating on it. Please take care when clean it.  Take some reference of the DSLR sensor clean method and tools for it. Also see this topic http://qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?topic=3604.new#new
19. QHY5-II Series has small case means bad heat sink?
No. Although QHY5-II series use the ultra compact design. But it still has good heat sink. The heat generated from CMOS sensor is transfer to the shield of QHY5-II directly by the metal constuction inside camera. Because of the QHY5-II camera is contact with the telescope eyepiece tube. So the heat on QHY5-II camera will transfer into the eyepiece tube of telescope and get good heat sink result.
Software Hang when using 12bit capture
There is two possible reason to cause it:
1.System driver is old verison. Please reinstall it and change to new version(13-1-6 or later).You can run EZPlanetary and connect camera and check the title of EZPlanetary.It will display the FW version.
2.Computer or USB cable can not handle high bandwidth in 12bit. Since 12bit has more data, it may cause the USB traffic too busy. You can check off the high speed readout in EZPlanetary or increase the number in the USB bandwidth control in advanced settings.
What's the glass mounted on QHY5-II,QHY5L-II-Mono,QHY5L-II-Color
The QHY5-II and QHY5L-II-Mono are both mono version. It is the clear AR+AR optic windows mounted on it.
The QHY5L-II-Color is color version. It is the IR-CUT windows mounted on it.
When use PHDGuiding, software halt at the capture or calibration or says  "Camera timeout during capture"
Currently PHDGuiding's directly QHY5-II or QHY5L-II plugin has some bug please do not use this directly driver come with the PHDGuide software.
Please use the ASCOM to connect between camera and PHDGuiding
Gain Setting for Guiding
QHY5L-II ASCOM has 8bit and 12bit mode. In 8bit mode we suggest a higher gain to get more weak star visible. In 12bit mode the low gain is better to get the full dynamic range. The 12bit sample can get the weak signal still visible.
QHY5-II only has 8bit mode. We suggest a high gain for guiding.
ASCOM Diagnostics shows: This 64bit capable driver is only registered as a 32bit COM driver
When running ASCOM diagnostics it shows: Incompatible Driver This 64bit capable driver is only registered as a 32bit COM driver.Pleas contact the driver author and request an updated installe.
You can ignore this information. This is just an information but it do not effect anything. The camera ASCOM driver work well on WIN7,WIN8 64bit system.
If you meet any problem that ASCOM driver can not run. It should be other reason, for example, the installation of the ASCOM driver or platform etc.
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