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PCIE board installation instructions
2020 年 07 月 29 日
​QHYCCD optical PCIE Graber card, supports PCIEX8, four 10G optical fiber inputs.
Most models of QHY Professional Edition support optical fiber interface and can be used with PCIE Graber card. The advantage is that the optical fiber interface can reach a communication distance of 300 meters, and can avoid electromagnetic interference, and the use is more stable and reliable than USB transmission.
1. First, you need to prepare a computer that supports PCIE interface. When purchasing a computer, please confirm with the merchant whether it supports PCIE interface.
2. Take out the QHYCCD fiber PCIE Graber card and accessories as follows:

3. Open the baffle of the computer case and install the red PCIE Graber card.

4. After the PCIE Graber card is installed, restore the chassis baffle. The installation is complete as shown in the figure:

5. Log in to QHY official website to download PCIE Graber card driver.

6. Before installing the PCIE Graber card, please note that the win10 system needs to be installed in compatibility mode in the properties.

7. PCIE Graber card 1,2 interface and camera optical port are inserted into the optical fiber module.

8. Use fiber optic cable to connect PCIE Graber card and camera, pay attention to the following sequence of fiber optic cable interface:

9. After confirming the connection sequence, power on the camera (Note: Please use QHY official standard 12V6A power adapter)

10. Start the software, select QHY camera option in the software to connect the camera.
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