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16 Megapixel, APS-H Format, CCD Camera
Status: QHY16200A in stock
The QHY16200A/IC16200A uses a unique APS-H size CCD sensor, a product of close collaboration between QHYCCD and the sensor supplier.  This sensor is specially designed and manufactured with amateur astronomers in mind who wanted a mono sensor larger than APS-C.
APS-H Format CCD Sensor
The effective image area is 27mm x 21.6mm. Compared to the QHY8L APS-C format of 23.4 x 15.8, the APS-H sensor is significantly larger with over 50% larger image area.  The reason for desiring an APS-H size mono sensor is that there are no other existing mono sensors in size between the KAF-8300 (4/3inch) and the KAI-11002 (35mm format).  This sensor has 16 Megapixels and the APS-H format is suitable for most telescopes, including SCT's that cannot fully illuminate a 35mm frame without some vignetting or distortion at the edges.  It is also suitable for commonly available 2inch filters.  The pixel size of this sensor is 6.0um x 6.0um, slightly bigger than the KAF-8300's 5.4um but, due to the larger size of the sensor, it has nearly twice as many pixels as the 8300.  The QE is similar to or higher than 8300 and the 37ke- full well capacity is almost 50% greater than the 8300's 25.5ke-.  Since the read noise is comparable to the 8300, the dynamic range can be calculated at about 1.5X greater than the 8300.  This sensor also comes in a color version. By default, the QHY16200A/IC16200A uses the mono version. The color version is available by request.  The current color sensor's filter matrix is Bayer RGB. We are discussing the possibility of an RGBW sensor as well. 

"A" Series Camera - Fully Integrated
Both the QHY16200A and the IC16200A belong to the new QHYCCD "A" series camera family. "A" stands for "ALL-IN-ONE".  The cameras include a built-in motor driven filter wheel and natively support the QHYOAG. The OAG can be installed on the camera solidly with six screws, consuming a minimum of back focus, precious for some optical systems.  The filter wheel in the QHY16200A/IC16200A has 5 positions for 2-inch filters (QHYCCD is developing the 7-position 2 inch filter wheel upgrade).  The camera is compatible with the medium size QHYOAG.  In addition to the filter wheel and OAG, this "A" series camera offers an internal USB HUB(2.0) that provides two USB host port and a USB to dual RS232 converter.  A guiding camera, mount and electric focuser can be connected directly to the camera instead of the computer to reduce cable clutter and the chance of signal loss due to the long cables. Only a single USB cable is needed to control all the peripherals. 

Single 12V power socket
This camera uses a single 12V IN power port.  The power socket is threaded for a solid connection that will not accidentally disconnect.  There is another socket connected in parallel with the input that can be used to supply 12V OUT to other devices.
Industrial USB Socket
USB is designed for use with commercial electronic devices.  It is not a particularly robust and the contact can cause the USB transfer to hang if it pulls out due to telescope motion, etc.  In the "A" series design QHYCCD provides a unique stainless steel USB cable clip to improve the reliability of the USB connection. 

Butterfly Shutter - long life and uniform illumination
This camera uses a mechanical shutter that has a butterfly shape. The shutter is directly driven by a motor with no other moving parts.  The working life is almost unlimited. The shutter has two sides that block light and open spaces in between.  The fan shape of the blades create even-illumination when opening, and even-darkness when closing for dark frames.  This feature is of great benefit when taking flat frames or making photometric observations. 
Driver and Software Download
Camera Driver
ASCOM Capture
ASCOM Platform
ASCOM Filters Plug
Mac Driver and Software Download
Driver and Software Cloud Drive Download

QHY16200A Specification
CCD Sensor
APS-H 16.2 Megapixel CCD - Standard Grade
Effective Pixels
4540(H) x 3630(V),16.2 Megapixels
Pixel Size
6.0um x 6.0um
Effective Area
27.0mm(H) x 21.6mm(V), APS-H format
Readout Type
Full Frame CCD, Progressive Scan
41ke- Typical
Readout Noise
10e- Typical
System Gain
1x1, 2x2, 4x4
2000X saturation
Thermal Noise
0.04e-/pixel/sec @ -20C
Exposure Time
1ms - 10000 sec
-40 below Ambient, Typical
Even-illumination butterfly mechanical shutter
Moisture Control
Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube
Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber
Built-in Filter Wheel
5-position 2 inch/50mm, or 7-position 2 inch/50mm
OAG interface
Six M3 scew holes for QHYOAG
Telescope Interface
M54/0.75 inner screw
Power consumption
0% cooling 8W     50% cooling 16.5W    100% cooling 27W
Supported Filters
2-inch mounted filters, 5-positions: Maxium 6mm filter   cell thickness (threads of the filter cell not included)
2-inch mounted filters, 7-positions: Maxium 9mm filter cell thickness (threads of the filter cell not included)
50mm unmounted filters, 5-positions: 1-5mm thickness
50mm unmounted filters, 7-positions: 1-8mm thickness
1550g (standard CFW5 version), no OAG included
2330g (CFW7 version), no OAG included
QHY16200A Electric Interface
USB Slave Port x1    USB host port x2    RS232 lemo 3pin port x2   2.1mm 12V DC port x2
Price(not include tax)
QHY16200A starndard version with OAG                                  USD3999 (with Class 2 sensor)
QHY16200A - CFW7 seven position CFW version with OAG   USD4399 (with Class 2 sensor)

Now QHYCCD uses deep blue color for the case of QHY16200A

QE of mono sensor                           QE of color sensor
Sensor Early Testing (July 2015)
We received some engineering grade sensors from the supplier and performed early testing.  Here are some results under real sky conditions.  We were just testing sensor performance, and not attempting quality images as the camera was a very early prototype and the optics of the small 4" scope were not well aligned.  Nevertheless, here are the first samples: 
3minutes exposure of NGC3501 area     FIT format (17MB ZIP)
10minutes exposure of NGC3501 area   FIT format (20MB ZIP)
10minutes exposure of NGC3501 area   BMP forrmat(Stretch into 8bit)
Mechanical size for QHY16200A/IC16200A
Please see the QHY16200A User Manual

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Medium SIze Coldmos
Large Size COLDMOS
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QHY(IC) 16200A
Guifer/PLAETARY Camera
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