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Warranty and Repair
2017 年 12 月 29 日
Product repair application form
QHYCCD Warranty, Replace and Repair Conditions
Camera Free Repair Warranty Period
Now QHYCCD give each camera Two Year free repair warranty period Except the following items:
CCD/CMOS Sensor     TEC module         Cables
CCD/CMOS Sensor: Kodak's Sensor is under Kodak's warranty period.It is one year from KODAK send out the sensor to factory. Sony's Sensor is two year from the camera been sold to user. 
TEC module: Since TEC module is always under thermal shock. It is under One year warranty.
Cables:  Cables is under half year warranty.
Free Repair Warranty Conditions:
1. The electric damage and problem by natural is under free repair warranty. Any conditions due to the wrong operations, incident is not under free repair.Any damage due to the AC bad grounded issue is not under free repair.
The following conditions is not under free repair warranty
a. Defect column appears after some using, not at the start time. If CCD sensor exceed Kodak's warranty period. QHYCCD will not replace the CCD sensor free. User need to pay the cost of sensor and replacement cost. Sony's sensor is no warranty on the defect column after some using.
b.CCD sensor damaged by statics (Due to the  ground issue of AC power)
c.Scratch on CCD sensor
d.CCD internal room leak and water come into it. For this condition, we will do specially request from sensor supplier. If they agree to replace we will free replace for user, otherwise it will not under warranty.
e.Low CTE columns(if there is two low CTE column nearby and it can not fixed by defect column tools QHYCCD will replace it)
2. User need to pay the shippment cost of repair to QHYCCD or to QHYCCD dealer.
3.The average repair period is 3 weeks without the shippment period. User can request the backup camera to use during this period(See backup Camera request section.Backup camera request service will start from 2013.9)
Replace Conditions
If the camera can not work at the start when arrived. And confirm by dealer or QHYCCD that it is due to the hardware issue . QHYCCD will replace a new camera rather than repair it.  If it is the other part problem like the cables, DC201,Powersupply. QHYCCD/Dealer will send another cables/DC201 to user to replace.
If the camera has hardware problem during first one month and there is no scratch and any damaged on the camera case. User can request the replace.
If one camera is still not work after twice repairs. User can request  replacement.
Each Cooled CCD(not include the cmos camera) comes with a factory test report. Please read it carefully and test the camera as fast as possible when get the camera.
Backup Camera Request
In order to give better custom service QHYCCD will begin the backup camera request service from 2013.9.
Any user can request the backup camera request service if the camera is sending QHYCCD to repair. Please do it as the following concitions:
1. When send camera to repair. User can ask dealer if there is the same model backup camera in stock and sign a contract of the backup camera using.
2. When the repair camera return please send back the backup camera.
3. The backup camera has a specially color than the normal camera, it is not for ordering. There is no any warrante of the backup camera.
4. If you are satisfied with this backup service of QHYCCD. Please donate the ship cost to the supplier of the backup camera. This will encourage more backup camera available.
Repair working flow
1. Please confirm it is the hardware issue of the camera. Please use EZCAP or EZPlanetary to confirm it. Using other software may not get the true result.
2. Some small problem maybe solved by user's side. It maybe faster than ship back to repair. If you want to do this we will help you to try it. Note this may make things faster , but it also may make things slower depend one the detail hardware issue. If the problem is confirmed and can be solved without ship back. it will be fast. If the problem is confirmed but finally it need to send back to repair. It is slower because it already had taken more time at the diagnosis and test.  If you do not want to this.You can write down the detailed issue , attatched some pictures and send back to dealer or to QHYCCD.
3. For ship back to QHYCCD factory you need to make a help ticket on QHYCCD website->contact and select "repair department"

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