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Partial image loss and image misalignment caused by USB data transmission errors
2020 年 10 月 12 日

The picture above is a typical situation where part of the image is lost due to USB data transmission errors and causes image misalignment.
The reason is that due to USB communication quality problems or external interference problems, the data of the USB image data packet being transmitted is wrong and cannot pass the CRC check, so the SDK judges it as a USB transmission error. The SDK will repair communication errors to avoid crashes, but this packet of data will also be lost. Cause this phenomenon.
The check and solution are:
(1) Communication quality problems caused by USB cable damage or poor USB contact: The solution is to replace the USB cable, and check the connection of the USB cable to the computer and whether the connection between the USB cable and the camera is too loose.
(2) Some HUBs with mismatched signals may cause such problems. You can connect directly or try to replace other types of HUB. (It is recommended to use active HUB)
(3) The communication interference problem caused by the leakage of the AC adapter, it is necessary to check whether the AC adapter of each device in the system is well grounded.
(4) Use the SDK and firmware that does not match the version, download the latest installation package (QHY ​​recently released the AllInOne installation package, which can automatically replace the SDK with one click, you only need to check the corresponding software in the installation package), or request QHYCCD technology Support remote assistance.
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