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2017 年 12 月 29 日
Driver update failur
If you update from an old x64 driver to a new x64 driver. When a new driver installed but still the old driver found. Please do following steps(You can use EZPlanetary or EZCAP to get the firware version of the driver):
1.Use uninstaller of the new driver to install driver.
2.Connect camera, you will found there is still a driver in the hardware manager.  Right click mouse and uninstall it.
3.Disconnect camera.Delete a file named "QHY*BASE.SYS" (eg. QHY6, it is QHY6BASE) in the windows/system32/drivers.
4.Install the new driver again.
5.Connect camera. Computer will found new device and install it. If computer can not found device but there is a "!" device in the hardware manager. Please select upgrade driver and manual select the lastest driver in the list
Bad Column Identity
      A column caused by hot pixel is not a defect column.  It due to a hotpixels which generate a lot hot current. And during the charge transfer, the later pixels are also get part of this current then it looks like a column.  Normally there is a very high value single pixel in the top of this column. This pixel is just the hot pixel which cause this column.
      If the light frame's bright column can not be subtacted by dark frame. We will report to TrueSense and request a replacement of the CCD sensor.If it can be removed by dark frame we think it not a defect column This test is in the cooling conditions.
      If the bright column's value is less than 5% of the full dynamic range(For the range 65536ADU it is 3200ADU) than the  background average value of the pixels surround the column.  We also regards it is not a defect column. The test condition is in -20C,Normal readout speed.
USB connection unstable caused by power leak
Most USB unstable(eg. can not connect, USB hangs frequently etc) is due to the power leak between computer AC adapter and the camera AC adapter.
Some AC adapter has a power leak. It will cause a high voltage to other device(up to 70-80V, AC). The current is small but voltage is high.
If there is such power leak exist in the computer's AC adapter, or camera's AC adapter, or both of them and they are not grounded well. It may cause USB transfer unstable and hang easily.
The reason is that the USB's GND and power supply's GND is connected inside the camera. When both USB cable and power supply cable to camera(eg.the 9PIN cable) , This high voltage current will flowing though the camera. If this current get varied ,it will affect the USB transfer.
Another risk is, if one cable connected, when connecting other cable, the second cable have a high voltage(up to 70-80V,AC) relativity to the camera.  If sometimes one signal pin is connected before the GND pin connected, the signal pin have to bear this high voltage and the circuit may get damaged.
So it is important to get well grouned on the computer AC power and the camera AC power. To check if there is power leak .please following this step:
1. Disconnect USB cable and camera power cable.
2.Power on computer AC power and camera AC power
3.Use a multimeter to messure the AC voltage between the computer powersupply GND(the "-" of the DC output plugs" and the camera AC powersupply GND(the "-" of the DC 12V output plugs". Note: Must use the AC voltage messurement.
4.If there is a voltage above 3V , there is a power leak between it.  Please make gounded better to avoid this happen.
A black tail come along after a bright star(cooled ccd camera only)
If there is a black tail comes along after a bright star.Please check the following point.
1.In high speed readout mode, this condition may appear. Please try to use the non-high speed readout mode(normal readout speed or slow readout speed) to capture image. High readout speed is for preview/focus only.
2.Please check if the "Clamp" option been checked. Normally it should be check off. Check on it may cause this issue.
3.if it is still this tail no matter the high/normal/slow speed and the on/off of Clamp. It should be the voltage inside the camera not been set well , Or a CAP has wrong value. Please contact QHYCCD for solving it.
A vertical darker column (Low CTE column)
A darker column may appears when deep cooled. This column still have response to light but the intensity is smaller than other columns especially in the background.  Please refer to 
The solve method is increase the CCD sensor temperature a little or use the defect column tools to fix it. Normally speaking this column is not under warranty.
ASCOM Diagnostics shows:This 64bit capable driver is only registered as a 32bit COM driver
When running ASCOM diagnostics it shows: Incompatible Driver This 64bit capable driver is only registered as a 32bit COM driver.Pleas contact the driver author and request an updated installe.
You can ignore this information. This is just an information but it do not effect anything. The camera ASCOM driver work well on WIN7,WIN8 64bit system.
If you meet any problem that ASCOM driver can not run. It should be other reason, for example, the installation of the ASCOM driver or platform etc.
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