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2017 年 12 月 29 日
1.QHY5 never be recongnized by computer(unknown device)
some early QHY5 has not lock the EEPROM. It may lost the vid/pid in the EEPROM. Need to rebuild the VID/PID. Please refer to
The way to rebuild the VID/PID
2.In some software with ASCOM and when in small ROI. The star shape is wrong
Refer to http://qhyccd.com/ccdbbs/index.php?topic=3364.15   There is an update ASCOM QHY5 version. We have not put this version into the download area. Need more test.
QHY5 series installation under WIN8
In WIN8-32bit the drivers install no problems.
In WIN8-64bit please do as the following way
1. Go to the charm bar in win 8
2. Choose PC Settings at the bottom
3. Select the 'General' option and then go to the 'Advanced Startup' option
4. On the blue screen select troubleshoot, advanced options, startup settings - then select the restart option
5. Once the pc reboots you then have a choice of what you want it to do... Select the 7th option' Disable driver signature enforcement'
6. Once Win8 starts, repeat the driver process
QHY5 ASCOM can not save the gain
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