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2017 年 12 月 29 日
QHY-11 air pump instruction
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1¡¢QHY-11 camera

3¡¢Center Angle adjusting ring 

Air pump instruction£º
   the air pump with twin 1A outputs DC£¬
   can be used for other equipment.Voltage output range is
   1-9V by adjusting the DC1 and DC2.

1¡¢Connect QHY-11 camera and Center Angle adjusting ring £¬
     and unscrewing the screw of the airway connector on the
     adjusting ring;

2¡¢Screw the tailor-made air tube into the air inlet,
      through the tube connect the air pump and Center Angle
      adjusting ring£»

3¡¢Screw off the air outlet and connect the power cord
      and pump together;

4¡¢Open the power supply.Adjusting the
      AIR- knob on the pump to a appropriate air displacement.
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