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Using QHY Devices with EZCAP_QT Software
2021 年 02 月 22 日
Using the QHY600 with EZCAP_QT Software

EZCAP_QT is software developed by QHYCCD. This software has basic capture functions for QHYCCD deep sky cameras.  After downloading the camera drivers:

1. Install EZCAP_QT
2. Connect your Cooling QHY to a 12V power supply (planetary cams don't need 12V power), then connect it to your computer with USB3.0 cable.
3. Run EZCAP_QT.  
Click “Connect” in Menu -> Camera.  If the camera is successfully connected, the title line of EZCAP_QT will display the camera firmware version and the camera ID as shown below.
4. Click “Temperature Control” in “Camera Settings” to set the temperature of the Cooling CMOS Device. You can turn on “Auto” to set the target temperature. For example, here we set the target temperature to -10C. The temperature of the CMOS sensor will drop quickly to this temperature (approximately 2-3 minutes). If you want to turn off cooling, you can choose Stop. If you just want to set the TEC power but not the temperature. You can select “Manual” and then set the percentage of the TEC power.

5. You can use the “preview tab” to preview and use the focus tool to focus. Then use the “capture tab” to capture the image. 

6. There is an image task planner in EZCAP_QT, you can take a series of images according to the following table.


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