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Using QHY with ASCOM supported Softrware (e.g.Maxim DL)
2021 年 02 月 22 日
Using QHY with ASCOM supported Softrware

With ASCOM drivers, you can use QHY Devices with many software packages that support the ASCOM standard. We will use Maxim DL below as an example, but a similar procedure is used for TheSkyX and other software packages supporting ASCOM. 

1. First make sure you have not only loaded the ASCOM drivers but that you have also downloaded and installed the ASCOM platform from ASCOM.  After both the drivers and platform are installed: 

2. Start MAXIMDL

3. Follow the instructions shown below to finish the setup
Click Connect in the Camera Control box:


After connecting the software, follow the steps to set the cooling temperature.

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