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QHY600 Pro Update 20210205
2020 年 12 月 21 日
Now QHY600Pro already supports 14bit-10FPS mode. To achieve 10fps at 14bit, capture card and optical fiber transmission module of QHY600Pro are necessary. Also, there are requirements for computer configuration. The recommended configuration is 3600MHZ DDR4 cache, which requires settings on the motherboard of the computer.
Users who already own QHY600Pro need to update all the following content to get this function:
PCIE card firmware (requires additional purchase of a writer)
QHY600Pro firmware
QHY600Pro driver
Considering the complexity of the upgrade process, if you really need the upgrade, we recommend that you contact our technical staff for processing.
Email : Cha@qhyccd.com

PCIE Written and Download links:

QHY600Pro Firmware written and Download links:
QHY600 professional firmware upgrade (210205)

Added: GPIO Mode 6, 2CMS Mode, fixed the vertical line issue
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