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USB 3.0 All-in-one System Pack for Windows
2020 年 07 月 08 日
Now we've changed our driver package strategy on Windows system. We call it "All-in-one" Pack.

All-in-one Pack (Windows) is for all QHYCCD USB3.0 devices, including all Cooling CMOS cameras, QHY5III and QHY 5II series, QHYCFW3. We recommend you choose "Stable Version" as usual.
In this pack there are:
1. System driver. It must be installed to make devices work.
2. EZCAP_QT: it's developed by QHYCCD which could be used in QHY devices tests, simple capture tasks, and above all, the management of updates. So even if you won't use EZCAP_QT as your main capture software, we suggest you install it to get the latest information of QHY drivers/SDK updates.
3. Ascom driver: Ascom Platform is supported by most astronomy devices which connect to Windows.
4. SDK: SDK is the file of ".dll" format. With this the device can be identified in other capture software.
5. SkyX Plugin: special support for SkyX
How to install SDK?
Take SharpCap (x64) for example:
Before the installation, make sure you’ve already installed SharpCap (X64) on your PC;

Then click ”Third Party Software Support” – “SharpCap 64”, the pack will detect the location of SharpCap files and install automatically; if not, please manually select root directory of SharpCap where you installed it, like: C:\Program Files\SharpCap 3.2 (64 bit)

What if installation fails / installation is successful but the device still cannot be detected?  
Please make sure you’ve already installed capture software you need before you add their plugins;
Please make sure whether your software is 32bit(X86) or 64bit(X64) and select the relevant SDK.
What if this pack doesn’t support the auto installation I’m using now?
Since the pack is still under developing, currently it doesn’t support auto installation of all sorts of astrophotography software. But don’t worry, we can still finish the job with manual installation.
Take Fire Capture as example. So far you cannot click “Fire Capture” in “Third Party Support” part, so just skip it. When installation is finished, it creates a short cut named “QHYCCD-SDK” on desktop, which includes all SDK. Pick up the file you need and paste it to the root directory of Fire Capture, like this:

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