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QHY600 Liquid-cooling version
2020 年 06 月 22 日
QHYCCD accepts orders for QHY600 customized for water-cooling system.

Compared with air cooling, water cooling has the following important advantages:

1.  No vibration.  Air-cooling requires the use of a fan inside the camera that may induce small vibrations.  Even the highest quality fan cannot avoid some effect on the FWHM (full width at half maximum) of stellar images on certain telescopes.  Long focal length optical systems are more sensitive to this effect.  However, water cooling achieves temperature reduction through the slow flow of water.  There is no moving mechanical component to cause vibration of the camera, eliminating any negative effect on the image.  
2.  No hot air turbulence.  For optical systems like RASA and Hyperstar where the camera is placed at the secondary position, air turbulence is not generated. When an air-cooled camera is installed in front of the optics, the hot air generated by the air-cooled system passes through the optical path and can generate seeing effects. Water cooling does not produce hot air discharge.  The heat is carried away by the liquid so there is no such effect.
3.  Greater Cooling Delta T.  With water cooling, the maximum cooling temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius lower than the maximum temperature achieved with air only (About 45 degree below ambient).   

QHY600 Liquid-cooling version requires reservation, please contact QHYCCD before the order.
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