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QHY600 Professional Version
2020 年 06 月 22 日
Professional Version (QHY600Pro) is special for sentific projects or those who have extreme requirments in astrophotography. Compared with photographic version, it has more functions.

Here are differences between Pro version and Ph version:
1. The Professional version has both high-speed fiber interface and USB3.0 interface.  The Photographic version has USB3.0 interface only.
2.  The professional version has rich, external, expandable I/O signals as well as a rich resource that allow the user to customize the FPGA inside the camera.
3.  The Professional version has a longer body to accommodate the length of the optical fiber interface.
QHY600Pro can match Fiber PCIE Graber Card. Support PCIEX8, Four 10G Fiber Input
What is the benefit of the Fiber Interface
Normally speaking the fiber interface is for the requestment of the professional obs.  It will give the following advantages than USB3.0.
  • Higher data rate. One 10Gigabit Fiber can transfer maxium 10Gbps data. The actual data rate can get about 800MBytes/s. While the USB3.0 is 5Gbps and the actaully data rate is about 350MByte/sec. Use the two 10Gigabit fiber can get about 1.6GBytes/s speed. The IMX455 sensor has the high speed mode like the 10FPS 14bit full resolution mode and 30FPS 8K VIDEO mode. The data rate of these modes are much more than USB3.0. These mode can be well supported by QHY600's 2*10Gigabit filber solution
  • Very long transfer distance.  The fiber can hundreds times longer than USB3.0.  USB3.0 can only transfer 3meter to 5meter. For more longer distance, it need the extender cable but can just get 10meter to 15meter. While the Fiber can transfer 300meter directly by default optic module comes with the QHY600. And if with the long distance optic module , it can trasfer up 40km.
  • Solid stable and no affected by EMI. One major factor cause the camera hangs is the EMI issue. The USB3.0 transfer maybe get affect by the EMI in the transfer patch. Like the static and other high power device emitted. The EMI will cause the transfer data packet get CRC error and cause image lost. The USB cable more longer, it is more easy to get this problem. Light can not be affected by the EMI. So with the fiber transfer it will get everything very stable.
The Features in the three QHY600 version
  QHY600 PH QHY600 Pro
USB3.0 interface Yes Yes
DDR3 Memory 1GB  (8Gbit) 2GB  (16Gbit)
Dual 10Gbps Filber Interface No Yes
Readout Mode 3 9
Low readout in big fullwell mode  TBD Support
Multi-Propose IO Port  No Yes
GPS Hardware Timing BOX Connection No Support
Multiple Camera High Precise Sync Capture
Support (by request)
16bit Max Frame Rate
14bit Max Frame Rate
Does not support 
8K 30FPS video
Customized FPGA code
Yes, Allow customerized Totaly 100,000 Gates
High Precise Shutter Signal Output
No Yes
Accept Trig-In Function No Yes
Price USD4599
include a 30% discount card for QHY367PRO-C

include a 30% discount card for QHY367PRO-C
QHYCCD PCIE Graber card not included


QHY600Pro-L (Early Bird version): Now 600EB has changed the name to 600Pro-L. It has the hardware design of the Professional model, but the functions are Limited. Users can upgrade it to the full Professional version by paying the difference in price. Besides, all users who have had QHY600EB still keep same services as before which equals to QHY600Pro. 
Since the photographer version has come out, we DONOT SUGGEST amateur astrophotograhers choose this version unless you've decided to upgrade it to Pro version in the future. However, for scientific projects, it might be a choice that you take QHY600Pro-L first to see if it's really necessary to upgrade it to QHY600Pro ver.

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